Viking Clothes Facts for Kids – 5 Interesting Facts About Viking Clothing

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The Vikings had their signature on clothing! Let’s discover five interesting Viking clothes facts for kids.

Viking Clothes Facts for Kids

Viking Clothes Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Clothes Showed Status

Although Viking clothes were primarily used for warmth and protection, they were also used to show people their status in society. Rich Vikings would have worn clothes made from silk or with silk stitching and embroidery because this material was associated with wealth.

Different colours also sginidated power and prestige. Wealthy Vikings would have worn bright blue colours to show their place in society.

Viking Clothes Facts for Kids
Floral embroidery design on white textile

Viking Clothes Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Brooches Weren’t Just for Decorative Purposes

Brooches were very decorative objects that Vikings wore on their clothing, however they also served a great purpose too. Brooches were used to fasten shawls, cloaks and the straps of Viking womens dresses.

Brooches came in various different sizes and shapes, for example Vikings had trilobite brooches and shell-shaped brooches and their brooches were made from gold, bronze and silver.

Viking women often wore strings of beads made from glass between the brooches for decoration. Pins made from wood, bone or gold were also used to hold cloaks in place.

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Close-up shot of a leaf brooch on a white surface

Viking Clothes Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: The Vikings Had Waterproof Clothes

All of the Viking’s clothing was hand-made. Some Vikings lived in cold and wet environments meaning their clothing had to keep them warm and dry.

The Vikings clothing was made from wool and fur to keep them insulated from the harsh weather. But how did they keep the rain out? Well, the Vikings were well ahead of their time and made their clothing waterproof.

They used skin that was treated with beeswax and fish oil in order to make their clothing waterproof. Leather would have also been a waterproof material they used.

Viking Clothes Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Vikings Used Plants to Colour Their Clothes

Viking clothes were woven in many different colours. The Vikings used vegetable dyes and plants to colour their clothing.

By boiling their clothing in these plants the colour would transfer onto them and dye them. Some colours that the Vikings would have dyed their clothing were yellow, red, purple, blue, brown and gold. Some colour dyes could be bought from abroad too by rich Vikings.

pexels teona swift 6851140 1
Crumpled cloth dyed with blue paint

Viking Clothes Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: The Vikings Wore Jewellery

Many Vikings would have worn hand-made jewellery to decorate their clothes. Jewellery could be made from various materials, such as wood, glass,bronze and gold. Jewellery came in the form of

of arm rings, necklaces and brooches. Surprisingly, the Vikings are expected to have not worn earrings. Some pieces of jewellery that the Vikings wore had symbolic value, such as Thor’s hammers. The god Thor was worshipped by the Vikings.

Viking Clothes Facts for Kids

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