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The best of the LearningMole geography tutorials. Follow for more great fun learning. To find out more about LearningMole please visit our about us page or visit more of our topics available. They include, science, maths, English and more.

Ancient Egypt Facts for Kids

Egyptian Pyramid Adventure - Ancient Egypt KS2 - Ancient Egypt Facts for Kids -egypt facts for kids

Why is Recycling Important

Recycling for Kids-Recycling Facts for Kids-Why is Recycling Important-Importance of Recycling The importance of recycling is something that we should be teaching the younger generation...

Hurricane Information for Kids

What is a Hurricane? Lots of hurricane facts for kids . A fun animated video with everything you need to know about hurricanes. Learn...

Tornado Information

Tornadoes for Kids-Tornado Facts-What is a Tornado-Tornado Information- How Tornadoes Form-Cyclones

What Causes Earthquakes

What Causes Eathquakes Earthquake Information Earthquake Facts for Kids Effects of Earthquakes This video includes: What Causes Earthquakes? Earthquake Information Earthquake Facts for Kids Earthquake Information Earthquake Definition How do earthquakes...

Volcano Facts for Kids

Volcano Facts for Kids - Fun Volcano Video for Kids-Information about Volcanoes-Facts and Causes Learn about: Information about volcanoes, volcanoes, volcano eruption, what is a...