About LearningMole

Who are LearningMole?

At LearningMole, we are committed to providing comprehensive education resources that support children’s development across all ages and areas of the curriculum. We believe in equipping children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school and beyond, and our platform provides a wealth of advice, practical ideas, and interactive resources to help parents and teachers achieve this goal. Whether it’s helping children with homework, supporting home-schooling efforts, or simply fostering a love of learning, we have a range of resources designed to challenge and engage children at all levels.

At LearningMole, we understand the importance of collaborative learning, which is why we offer a range of resources that can be used both in the classroom and at home. We are dedicated to supporting parents and teachers to help children achieve their full potential, and we welcome your feedback and input as we continue to expand and improve our educational resources. Join us today and discover the power of high-quality education resources in transforming your child’s learning experience.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Connolly is the founder of LearningMole.com, mum of three children and a primary school teacher she created the website to support parents, offer advice and practical, interactive ideas to help parents and teachers challenge, teach and develop children’s skills.

“Education today can be minefield for parents, I know as a parent and primary teacher myself methods of learning are constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up! The strategies we were taught as children are almost non-existent and it can be difficult to support your child at home as you learn the new methods they are exploring in school.

The words that’s not how I did in school’ are what inspired me to set up LearningMole, until I became a parent myself I didn’t quite realise how challenging homework, homeschooling and generally supporting your children could actually be.

I have been teaching children from 4 -11 years old for the past 14 years in the UK, Dubai and Egypt – that’s over 2730 days teaching nearly 400 children and every day is different. I love teaching and I learn something new every day from my classes as well as from my own children. The way children think and approach learning situations is amazing and I hope that you will get to experience similar amazement while working with your own children. Always have high expectations and always be ready for your children to challenge your thinking.”

About LearningMole LearningMole

Meet the LearningMole Team

About LearningMole LearningMole

Olivia Connolly

Dramatic Director

Olivia Connolly is the newest member to our team. Just 6 years old and already adding a bit of drama to the team. Olivia supports with character development and provides us with the inspiration on how they should interact, speak and how they can inspire children across the globe!

About LearningMole LearningMole

Aaron Connolly

The Boss

Aaron Connolly, takes his role as chief organizer and ‘The Boss’ very seriously. Just 12 years old, is one of the stars in our videos. Aaron loves Maths and reading and really enjoys explaining his thinking. He is always ready to take on a new challenge and help other children develop and learn new skills.

About LearningMole LearningMole

James Connolly

Creative Director

James Connolly was promoted to Chief Creative Director in 2015, only 10 years old his imagination and creative drive keep us all on our toes at LearningMole. Always drawing, cutting, sticking and making, his artistic creations are something else! He loves to learn new things and help other children learn too.