Air Pollution Facts for Kids – 5 Alarming Facts about Air Pollution

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Air pollution is affecting our health. Let’s learn five alarming air pollution facts for kids.

Air Pollution Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Air Pollution Has Been a Problem Since Ancient Rome

Air pollution is when the air is contaminated by chemicals or other substances which may be harmful. Air pollution now is mostly caused by cars and factories but air pollution was there thousands of years before cars existed. This is because people lived in settlements and raised animals in small areas. Cows are a big cause of the greenhouse gas methane and this was a problem for the air in Ancient Rome. Herds of cows can produce up to 500 litres of methane gas per day. That is enough methane to fill 3 whole bathtubs.

Air Pollution Facts for Kids LearningMole
A herd of black and white cows standing on a grassy land

Air Pollution Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: We Can’t See The other Side of The Grand Canyon Clearly When Visiting Because of Air Pollution

The Grand Canyon is an impressive rock formation in Arizona in America, it is a very popular tourist destination because of its amazing views but it is also affected by air pollution. Because of how big the canyon is, people either visit the North side or the South side of it. When you see pictures of the canyon you can see the opposite side but we can’t see it clearly. That is because it is covered a bit by smog. This is a fog caused by air pollution.

Air Pollution Facts for Kids LearningMole
Air Pollution Facts for Kids: The Grand Canyon

Air Pollution Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: In Some Cities People Wear Face Masks to Avoid Air Pollution

Cities have a lot more air pollution than the countryside because of how many cars and factories are there. Some people want to prevent breathing in pollution from the air so they wear a mask. This is especially popular in East Asian countries, they also wear masks if they are sick to prevent spreading it to other people.

Air Pollution Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: House Plants Can Help Your House Tackle Air Pollution

A nice way to decorate your home and reduce the amount of air pollution in it is to buy house plants. These plants can absorb pollution in your home and also create oxygen and take carbon dioxide out of the air. Plants that are especially good at it include peace lilies, snake plants, and philodendron. They are also very pretty to look at!

Air Pollution Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Busses Are a Great Help to Reduce Air Pollution

Even though they usually run on fuel which releases air polluting gases into the atmosphere, buses can help reduce our overall air pollution. But how? If you imagine that every person taking the bus usually drives a car, that’s a lot more cars on the road all polluting the air. So, it is better to use buses or trains as many people can use just one of them.

If you want to help prevent even more air pollution you can walk or cycle to places nearby. This means you aren’t using any vehicles that pollute the air.

Air Pollution Facts for Kids
London Bus on road near Big Ben

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about air pollution as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic the environment is, you can move on to learn about other pollution articles like: Plastic Pollution and Ocean Pollution.

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