Viking Warriors Facts for Kids – 5 Valuable Facts about Viking Warriors

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Viking warriors were ferocious but would you like to know more about them? Here are five ferocious Vikings Warriors facts for kids.

Viking Warriors Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets

I’m sure you have seen drawings of Viking warriors with big horns coming from their helmets but archaeologists tell us that Vikings never had horns on their helmets. Some Vikings didn’t wear helmets at all.

Horns to add to a helmet would have been hard to find and would have made the helmet way too heavy.

Viking Warriors Facts for Kids
Viking Warriors Facts for Kids: Viking Helmet

Viking Warriors Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Viking warriors believed they would go to Valhalla if they died in battle

The Viking warriors were very religious and had the gods in mind every time they entered battle. They believed that if a Viking warrior died in battle they would go to Valhalla.

Valhalla is Odin’s home in Asgard and is a massive feasting hall. The Hall has over 500 doors and the ceiling is made of shields from warriors in Valhalla. To get to Valhalla was a great honour for Viking warriors. This hope for Valhalla was a reason that Viking warriors were less scared going into battle as they knew they would be rewarded in the afterlife.

Viking Warriors Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Viking longships could carry 60 Viking Warriors

The Vikings were fantastic at building and making things. They created some of the most beautiful and useful boats. They used them to travel far from their homes to seek riches and find new lands.

These boats could carry 60 Viking warriors and they were very fast. They had animal heads carved at the front. The animals carved on the boats were usually scary animals like dragons and snakes. They used scary animals so that people would be frightened by their boats.

Viking warriors were also clever in how they built their boats. They were designed to be shallow so they could sail up rivers and they had a bow at either end so they could reverse without having to turn. This was very useful for sailing in icy conditions.

Viking Warriors Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Viking Warriors were very clean

Viking warriors are often shown as very dirty and barbaric but they actually cared a lot about their looks and how clean they were.  Archeologists have found combs, ear cleaning tools, and tweezers from Vikings showing the care they took of their appearance. Some of the combs they have found were not just for brushing their hair but also their beard.

When Viking warriors settled in England the English men were annoyed at the Vikings because they charmed the women with their good looks and cleanliness. The English did not like how nice smelling and well-groomed the Vikings were. Maybe they should have tried out beard combs?

Viking Warriors Facts for Kids LearningMole
Viking Warriors Facts for Kids: Hair Comb

Viking Warriors Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Viking Warriors used to go skiing for fun

The invention of skis was even before the Vikings, around 6000 years ago. Viking Warriors were very strong skiers and saw it as a great way to get around during the winter. Vikings are from Scandinavia so their winters were very cold and snowy.

The Vikings warriors also enjoyed skiing on their time off to relax. They even had a god of skiing called Ullr. Even Viking Warriors need a day off sometimes.

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about Viking Warriors as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these people are, you can move on to learn about other ones like: The Inuit, The Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Celts and Egyptians

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