Victorians Facts for Kids – 5 Valuable Facts about The Victorians

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Victorians didn’t have phones, laptops or TVs, so how did they spend their time? Come and check our five valuable Victorians facts for kids.

Victorians Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: During The Victorian Era London Became The Biggest City in The World

The Victorian Era is defined by the reign of Queen Victoria and lasted between 1835 to 1901. This time was filled with new inventions and new jobs, a lot of them in factories working with heavy machinery.

Lots of people moved out of the countryside and into cities to get jobs in new factories to provide for their families.

This meant that in 1800 there were around one million people living in London but by 1900 there was 6.9 million people living there. This made it the biggest city in the world at the time. Life was very cramped and unsanitary because there were so many people squished into the city.

Victorians Facts for Kids
Victorians Facts for Kids: City view at London nowadays

Victorians Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Food Stands and Street Food Appeared during The Victorian Era

The Victorians had fast-food like we do now but their fast-food was made by street vendors. When you were on your way to work you could stop by a food stand and buy a small meal.

Street food in the Victorian era included dishes like jellied eel or pea soup but also served up fried fish which is still a fast-food favourite in England today. These stands were very popular as they offered food that was cheap enough that anyone could have some.

Victorians Facts for Kids LearningMole
Victorians Facts for Kids: Fried fish with chili pepper and mint

Victorians Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Victorians Had Come with The Museums Idea

Rich Victorians would collect many things that interested them such as bugs, taxidermied animals, and sculptures or art. They displayed these collections in small cabinets.

This was called a cabinet of curiosities which had been a trend since the renaissance and is where the idea for museums comes from.

Victorians Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Have You Imagined Yourself Dinning with Queen Victoria?!

Queen Victoria was known for her appetite and she was known to eat very quickly even at parties. This was unfortunate for her guests because they were only allowed to start eating when the Queen did and had to stop eating when she did.

So, if you wanted to eat enough at dinner you had to eat very quickly. This is still a rule when having dinner with the British King today.

Victorians Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: The Victorians Mourning Habits

The Victorians did many things to remember those they had lost. Most famously Queen Victoria wore black for the rest of her life after her husband died.

Other Victorians also dressed in black everyday when they were mourning someone. Victorian women were expected to be in mourning for 2 years and were only allowed to wear grey or lavender when they reached the last 6 months of this mourning time.

The Victorians would also collect tears they cried when someone died as a reminder of them. One of the strangest customs of Victorian mourning was that they took photographs with their lost loved ones posed like they were still alive. What an odd family picture.

Victorians Facts for Kids LearningMole
Victorians Facts for Kids: Photo of woman kneeling in front of gravestone

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