Maths Resources: 3 Great Resources from Numbers to Fractions

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Mathematics, maths, or math can be a series of differential equations and problems that may cause you some bother if trying to tutor your children. Sometimes, we haven’t utilised our maths skills for some time.

This can cause some issues for those who are trying to learn and engage with their kids’ work. Online maths resources have never been more accessible.

Maths Resources
Mathematics with Numbers and copy Space

With a variety of learning initiatives and kids curriculums readily available online, teaching maths to your children has become an enjoyable task.

With interactive videos, worksheets, and easy-to-use software, children can engage with maths topics in a cohesive manner. Online maths resources will have you dividing fractions and decimals, and working out difficult problems in no time!

Child-Friendly Maths Resources: Math Salamander

Set up in 2010, Math Salamander is an extensive option for maths resources online. Set up by an elementary school teacher with a degree in mathematics in computing, Math Salamander has what seems a limitless amount of maths resources available for teachers, parents, and guardians.

A completely accessible space, there are different versions of every worksheet to cater to the varying needs of the children learning.

Taking challenging concepts and consolidating them into manageable chunks, Math Salamander is a perfect maths resource for those who are unconfident or struggling with numeracy. There are worksheets, calculators and videos that can be utilised who are educating their kids in a home environment.


Online Math Resources: buzzMath

One of the leading maths resources available, buzzMath is an online learning platform specifically designed for children aged seven to eleven. Using the exciting, interactive design, it uses simple graphics to illustrate maths equations and to explain concepts to children.

buzzMath is also had an ingenious method of keeping parents and educators informed of their child’s progress by offering teacher and parent view modes to assess how the child is doing and what support or consolidation needs to be provided.

The software provides a comprehensive variety of equations and mathematical concepts for children to engage with. There are multiple curriculums covered that offer standardised testing on smaller topics at a variety of levels.

Built-in tools allow children to actively engage with the problems and topics that are available to them. A perfect one on one program, buzzMath offers learning opportunities in a visually stimulating and dynamic way. These interactive responses provide an exciting method of learning, showing maths as a very practical subject.

They use real-world examples to illustrate their equations. For example, when determining the volume of a cube, students have to actively pour water into the cube and redistribute water into empty objects or pyramids around them.

maths resources LearningMole
Smiling Girl Looking at Formula in Digital Tablet

This lesson highlights the 3D nature of a pyramid and allows them to see that a pyramid is a third of the volume of a cube. Providing tangible explanations for why equations work and how maths can be engaged with is an incredible feature for those learning. A beautiful smart, interactive maths resource that captures the imagination.

Students can take an active role in their education as the digital platform provides intrinsic and kinesthetic learning options when solving equations and sums. If struggling with a concept or equation, the smart software offers assistance, eventually providing a solution for the sum if the child cannot find the answer.

With built-in abilities to monitor the progress of your child, buzzMath caters to plenty of after school tutoring or homeschooling solutions. Using visual and graphical representations of mathematics leaves children with a greater understanding of maths as a physical concept and caters to delivering that in daily functions.

Another fantastic option for the online maths resources available.


The Ultimate Maths Resource: The Art of Problem Solving

Renowned as a stellar text, The Art of Problem Solving has been transformed into an interactive digital guide for those engaging with mathematical concepts for the first time. The site itself provides a wide range of maths resources and curriculum for those engaging with online maths tuition.

Built with a variety of age groups in mind, The Art of Problem Solving is brimming with online material for children learning. From younger students coming to grasp with technical concepts to older students looking to develop their mathematical skills with interactive, online courses.

The maths resources on the site are incredible with a huge back catalogue to adhere to everyone’s needs. There are interactive videos and the site also plays host to an extensive, monitored forum which provides peer learning opportunities and facilitates discussion over maths problems and equations.

Designed to encourage independent learners, it is perfectly set up for those who want to increase their mathematical knowledge and work on trickier concepts.

maths resources LearningMole
Online Maths Resources

The maths resources available act as a perfect tool and guide for parents and guardians who want to engage their children in maths in a fun and interactive environment. Stocked with material and online maths resources, there are sample test questions available in video format to help children engage with their content in a meaningful and proactive manner.

One of the amazing maths resources available on the site is the game-based academy for younger children. Divided into sections, they focus on different topics and difficulty levels for children who are developing their maths skills.

The main divisions are AoPS Online, Beast Academy, and AoPS Academy. With foundational training in advanced algebra, maths resources provide an impressive catalogue of material for people to learn from.

A massive amount of maths resources come in the formats of books, videos, forums, and online interactive classes. For those who need a slower engaging process or more innovative, perhaps, the games are designed to engage children to deal with difficult concepts.

The Art of Problem Solving is a brilliant way for children who are struggling to understand maths and/or are hoping to develop their ability into something greater.

A unique form allows children to collaborate with their peers and deal with mathematical problems that they have been struggling with. One of the many maths resources that are available online that have a rich breadth of information to be utilised and explored by students engaging with the content.

For younger children, there are bright characters to lead them on mathematical discoveries. One of the best online maths resources available and also available in textbook format, The Art of Problem Solving is a wonderful resource for parents and guardians.

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