Fun Math Game with Treat Incentive

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A fun math game with a treat incentive to make the kids more excited to learn addition and subtraction while depending on their favorite cheerios.

Let the kids learn to count the cheerios, know how to add and how to subtract; or how to eat them away 🙂

Teaching by Cheerios

Let the kids count their cheerios, make the right calculations, and end up eating those cheerios as a treat when they bring out the right answers. This is a good incentive to let the kids learn and enjoy the whole lesson without getting bored.

This is also a way to prove to parents that homeschooling their kids and teaching them math could happen while depending on the tools that are found at home – making it a lot easier and affordable.

Teaching kids to count, add and subtract in this educational video is depending on the cheerios only, just let them count for you the number you need, add to it or else take away some.

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Fun Math Games

Bring some cheerios for your child – which we believe all kids love out there – and place their mat in front of them on the table then ask your questions and play with them. Ask your child to take a specific number of cheerios for you and place them on the mat, ask them to add another specific number to them, and you could also ask them to remove a specific number and which they could do by eating them.

In addition to the basic addition and subtraction, parents could take the whole game to a new level and use other terminologies, such as bigger or smaller than, less or more, etc. and see whether the child will be able to grasp the whole thing and answer correctly or else will fail.

Let them, for example, bring out a specific number of cheerios that you will ask them about and then require them to bring out another number of cheerios that would end up being less than the other, or more than the other.

It is important to educate the child about the different terminologies used when it comes to math because addition is the same as increasing and subtraction is the same as taking away or removing. Kids should also understand that bigger than is the same as more and smaller than is the same as less.

When the kids answer a specific question related to these terminologies, make sure they have given the right answer by asking the same question again but in a different way.

Play with your Kid

No one can deny that math games make learning math fun. When we have fun learning, sure we can learn more and more. 

Math activities are not only for kids, they are also for elder people. Mathematical games teach you without any difficulties or struggles in math. Math activities allow people with all levels of skills to be more familiar with it.

This is one of the most interesting and fun math games played with the kids to teach them math because they will be excited about eating the cheerios which they are supposed to take away when asked to and at the same time will enjoy getting the needed number of cheerios and counting the whole thing along the way.

When it comes to cheerios, some other math games could depend on them, such as the number line for example, which could be created as some kind of craft on its own or else be used on the number line that is prepared with a stick on the play-dough base (See below for videos on these games).

fun math,Math games,count,play dough,what number am i? LearningMole
Learning by Play Dough

Here is a simple game you can play with your friends that helps you to be good at math. Let’s play the game:

“What Number Am I?” Game

fun math,Math games,count,play dough,what number am i? LearningMole
What Number Am I?

If you want to practice the fact fluency and also math vocabulary, you must play this game with your friends. Follow the instructions to start play:

  1. Select one from your friends to start the game “player”.
  2. Hang a white paper.
  3. The player will stand in front of his friends with his back to the white paper.
  4. On the white paper, you will write a number so that the player cannot allow seeing what is written on the paper.
  5. All of your friends will give their friend “player” clues to help them to guess the number.
  6. When the player guesses correctly the number, he will win and said his number “ I’m 30”.
  7. Then, you have to select the next player to start another game. 

Math is essential to help you develop your mathematical thinking. According to many researchers, math knowledge is more effective at the beginning of kindergarten than reading, writing, or other skills. Math is a part of our lives, so you must focus on problem-solving more than getting the right answer, which helps you to learn more.

The Relationship between Addition and Subtraction

It is important to show your child that there is a relationship between addition and subtraction which they could know all about from such games. This is an interactive activity for the kids in which they could play, eat, and have fun while learning addition and subtraction and understanding the relationship between them.

It is always important to think in a creative – and of course fun way – when it comes to homeschooling your children and teaching them math because that’s how they are going to get excited about the lesson and how it will stick in their heads faster and easier.

Parents should never worry about their kids and the time they take in learning something because it will happen at some point with practicing more. Kids are not all the same and some might be taking more time than others in learning specific lessons.

Let your kids learn to add and subtract with the help of cheerios and let them take their treats along the game and be the incentive keeping them focused and interested in the game till it ends. What do you think of this method of using the cheerios in teaching the kids to count and at the same time teaching them addition and subtraction?

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