Great Learning Resources for Parents: Great Teaching Kids From Home

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It is a daunting task to be left with the education of your child and one that gives a great appreciation for teachers who have taken this on as their profession. Luckily, with the wealth of learning resources for parents online, learning from home has never been easier. From apps to websites, learning resources in all subjects across the curriculum have been broken down into bite-size chunks and made studying an attractive prospect. Online education is deeply interactive and allows for children to engage with the curriculum content in a way that they wouldn’t in the classroom. Online learning resources for parents are a fantastic way to teach kids from home and bring you into a new realm of learning as well.

Learning Resources for Parents: LearningMole

While it might seem like we are blowing our own trumpet, LearningMole is a perfect learning resource for parents who are hoping to engage with their children’s education. With a youtube channel and website, LearningMole is easily accessible and has an array of subjects for children to indulge in. With practical interactive videos, LearningMole explores subjects like literacy and numeracy, while also giving engaging content for stem subjects and geography.

Children learn through all forms of play and LearningMole recognises this. Not only filled with curriculum subjects, but it also plays host to craft activities, with all the activities set out in specific age groups. With plenty of resources, it’s easy to see why LearningMole has been utilised by parents and educators.

Online Education: National Geographic

National Geographic is synonymous with photographing and documenting the many wonders and marvels of the world but it doesn’t stop there. They have a digital learning program that is well suited to older students, particularly those who are aged eleven to thirteen. Partnered with Cengage, they cover all parts of the curriculum from science, geography, history, literature, and mathematics. This, however, comes with a cost with specific packages costing different amounts.

Even though its major learning section requires payment, National Geographic has plenty of free online resources to avail off. With a thriving youtube channel and web pages filled with information, it provides high-quality imagery and knowledge for kids to absorb. If you prefer learning from texts, they also have textbooks available for purchase.

Learning Resources for Parents
National Geographic is a fantastic learning resource.


Early Years Learning Resources: Twinkl

Teaching kids from home can be difficult if there are children in different age brackets. The website Twinkl is a useful learning support page which caters to children from early years right through to Key Stage 4. Developed with plenty of tools for home learning, their website is used all across Europe in primary schools as well.

With over 630,000 learning resources currently available on the site to download, Twinkl is a perfect tool for learning resources for parents, teachers, and guardians navigating home learning. With such a broad range of subjects and a variety of curriculums catered from, from Irish to Spanish learning, it is a fantastic resource for learning from home. Get it online or on their app which is available on iOS and android.

learning resources for parents LearningMole
Twinkl provides early years online education (Source: Twinkl Educational Publishing)

Learning to Spell and Count: Wordshark and Numbershark

A program solely focused on literacy and numeracy, Wordshark and Numbershark is a program that can be bought to aid with children’s literacy and numeracy. While they can be installed as programs, only Wordshark is available as an online program. With SEN and Dyslexia teaching aids, it has accessibility at its very core.

Wordshark is designed for children aged between five and fifteen. Incorporating a variety of content and games to make literacy manageable. With over 10,000 words in the program, the literacy courses can be customised to meet the needs of each child. Used in over 11,000 schools across the globe, it is a tool that has been at the forefront of literacy education for over twenty years.

While Numbershark isn’t online, it has a program that has become particularly popular with SEND. Recommended for children aged five to fourteen, there are over 500 number topics to delve into. From the basics of counting to the more complex usage of fractions, Numbershark has over 2000 worded problems using real-life examples.

learning resources for parents LearningMole
Wordshark and Numberhark are perfect tools for phonics and numeracy.


Learning From Home: BrainPOP

BrainPOP is an animated learning site. Founded in 1999, the site hosts extensive resources in science, social studies, English, mathematics, arts and music, health and SEL, and engineering and technology. Currently free to access, it covers a wide curriculum.

Using a wide range of content to engage with students, BrainPOP encourages children to create and collaborate as they learn. Using animated films, activities, and learning games, the site is designed to support children with different learning potentials and abilities.

A fantastic online learning resource for parents, it finds ways for children to absorb and understand topics like disease and emotions, while also providing typical educational resources. With content in languages like English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin, BrainPOP can be used all around the world, also giving an outlet for your children to learn an additional language.

learning resources for parents LearningMole
BrainPop is a site that is suitable for all ages. (Source: BrainPop)


Celebrity Challenge: Learn With The Experts

In an age with technology, communication and content have become more accessible than ever before. Plenty of celebrity experts are offering up their knowledge for children across the country to engage in learning differently.

Joe Wicks or the Body Coach is offering up his home and youtube channel as a method of doing P.E. Carol Vorderman made her name on Countdown and is considered a mathematical genius by many. She is offering maths lessons from the comfort of your own home. Novelist and comedian, David Walliams, provides English lessons. A personality famous for his children’s literature, his lessons are one way of keeping children entertained.

Other subjects are covered like music with Myleene Klass and dance with Darcey Bussell. As well as the arts subjects, Dan Snow is taking history lessons over on History Tv. If you’re peckish at lunchtime, you can cook along with Jamie Oliver and be well fed.

learning resources for parents LearningMole
Jamie Oliver is one of the celebrities who is making teaching from home fun. (Source: ScandicHotels)


Teaching From Home: Learning Resources For Parents

Learning from home can be made much easier through educational sites and programs that facilitate a variety of educational needs. With a multitude of learning resources for parents readily available online and downloadable as programs, it has never been easier to teach from home.

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