Best Education Apps: Learn From Screen Time

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Learning in front of a screen doesn’t necessarily mean studying in front of a computer. Education apps that feature on your phone and tablets can be utilised to provide an alternative form of learning for children. The range of educational software is extensive, so finding the best education apps is paramount. With an array of learning software that covers key subjects, education apps are some of the most sought after applications in the iOS and Android platforms. With learning at the tip of your fingertips, there has never been a better time to use screen time for kids in a productive and conducive way.

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Education Apps: Monster Physics and The World Around Us

Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking all have one thing in common – physics. If you have a budding physicist on your hands, Monster Physics may be the best education app for you. It operates as a building game, allowing children to explore and utilise the principles of physics. With multiple modes, the educational app allows children to explore their creativity as well as challenge them with laws and principles.

The various modes allow for different styles of learning. In build mode, kids can select from 68 different parts to create a type of contraption. These parts introduce the children to a variety of materials as well such as wood, plastics, and metals. In build mode, colouring, scaling and rotating are some of the options that can be utilised to build their machine. Once this is completed, they can deliver the device to a built-in physics engine which explains why it is moving and how.

With over 50 missions to solve, there are a variety of skill levels with the learning software. A tutorial is provided in 12 steps, to break down to kids exactly how to use the app and teach them how to complete their missions. One of the most incredible parts of this app is its Learn section, which introduces fundamental physics concepts using animated, interactive illustrations. Topics like mass and density are covered and allow children to experiment with forces and motion. A unique and lovely introduction to the physics world, Monster Physics makes science fun and understandable.

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Teach Your Monster to Read: Learning Software for Literacy

Learning to read can be a difficult task to teach your child or students. The education app, Teach Your Monster to Read endeavours to remove the fear of literacy with a click of a button. Children play as an alien whose spaceship has crashed on a desert archipelago. Using a variety of mini-games where rewards can be earned, the alien must navigate tasks based on letter learning and vowel sounds – the fundamentals of literacy. Not only a paid-for app, but it can also be played for free online.

The learning software is incredibly interactive with a bright map that shows the islands and allows children to track their progress. The app aims to complete enough games to fix the alien’s spaceship and return to its original home. Broken down into three separate sections, the series of games follow First Steps, Fun with Words, and Champion Reader. With a clear pathway for development, children are encouraged to learn and hone their reading skills.

A brilliant way of assessing basic reading skills, Teach Your Monster to Read allows you to analyse your child’s progress and where their needs lie. It’s also engaging and easy to play with rewards varying from getting the alien clothes to finally building the spaceship to leave the islands. An education app that looks at segments, sounds, phonemes, and sentences, it is a perfect tool to encourage children to read and develop their learning.

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Endless Wordplay: Education Apps

The alphabet is, at times, tricky to learn, and developing words becomes even more of a challenge. With Endless Wordplay, this stress is taken away by the app helping children construct words from a tool known as the Alphabot. The Alphabot is a robot which discards letters which children have to put in the correct order to make a word. A fully interactive game, children can tap and hold letters to hear their sounds and then complete their words.

Broken into a variety of skill levels, each level includes three rhyming words which, after spelling them, invites them to watch a short animation that visualises the sentence for the children. As the skill levels progress, naturally the words become more challenging and longer for the children to engage with.

A fantastic app for children learning to read and working on spelling, Endless Wordplay provides a variety of activities that help them recognise sounds and sentence structure. It uses rhyming and phonetic sounds to create different combinations of letters and sounds to form different words. An engaging way for children to learn about sentence structure and phonetics, Endless Wordplay is an unmissable learning software for literacy.

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Educational Software: The Human Body

Tinybop’s The Human Body is a biological, education app that brings the human body to life – move over Gray’s Anatomy. In striking detail, the app navigates the organ systems and the body’s senses for children to enjoy in seven, interactive models. For those who want to be surgeons or doctors when they grow up, this is a perfect introduction to basic anatomy.

Every model in the app highlights how that system works, from how the heartbeats to how our immune system functions. A fully interactive process, children can write questions about the bottom of each page and make audio observations to return to later.

An engaging and captivating learning experience, it provides a kinesthetic style of participation for students. The ultimate way to learn physical biology, The Human Body is the ultimate app available today.

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Education Apps Using Screen Learning

Accessible learning software has come alive with the invention of the app. With plenty of apps to choose from in a variety of subjects, screen time has become an option not to feel guilty about. Whether it is science, literacy, numeracy, or the social sciences, the applications available today are equipped with all your needs.

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