The Human Heart- Heart, Human Body and Circulatory Facts

The heart shape that people draw does not represent the real shape of the heart inside the human body, but it might be the closest thing to it. What else do the kids know about the heart, how it serves the body and how one should protect it? The heart pumps when one is happy, feared, when one is doing exercise and it pumps to give the body a life to live. The main task of the heart is to pump blood around the body through the veins and the arteries; the veins carry the blood to the heart and the arteries carry the blood away and this blood carries oxygen which means that the heart is the main source of the oxygen that we live with and without it, we will die. The heart pumps by contracting and relaxing and it is made up of four chambers, two on each side. The chambers on the top are known as the right and the left atrium and those on the bottom are known as the left and right ventricle. These chambers have their tasks as well; the oxygen in the heart carries rich blood that flows from the lungs and into the left atrium and then it is pumped out to the rest of the body for the left ventricle which needs an oxygen refill called the deoxygenated blood that flows into the right atrium and back out the right ventricle to the lungs; in other words, we could say that it is like a big circle that happens within the body.

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