Children’s Videos: Best Educational YouTube Channels

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In the age of the screen, children spend a significant amount of time on a variety of apps and internet sites. Sometimes parents even need it as a form of entertainment to distract from a task they are undertaking. If this is the case, then why not make that time educational? There are ample sites online that provide children with a meaningful and educational experience. One popular form of entertainment and education are children’s videos. The best of children’s videos often make their way onto the platform of YouTube to be enjoyed and gleaned from. Sometimes it’s difficult to sift through material, but there is an array of beneficial children’s videos waiting to be utilised by parents, guardians, and educators.


Children’s Videos: LearningMole

LearningMole’s exciting YouTube channel is a plethora of educational delights. With animated shorts, children follow the adventures of Aaron and James as they discover planets and the world around them to how best to recycle. LearningMole has multiple children’s videos that make homeschooling a much easier activity.

Not only are these children’s videos geared towards the world around us, but LearningMole also has some fantastic, interactive resources for parents. Giving informative and creative instruction in literacy and numeracy, LearningMole is suitable for early years right through to eleven. A perfect educational video for children and parents who are maybe struggling with concepts like addition and subtraction or perhaps phonics, there are real-life footage videos that explain to make homeschool a less challenging.

Designed as a learning support system, children become immersed in educational videos, allowing you time to prepare your lesson. Performing as an educational tool to aid parents and guardians in tutoring and homeschooling their children, LearningMole is run by Michelle Connolly, a teacher with over 15 years of experience in education in the United Kingdom and with international curricula. A host of primary resources are available as well as children’s videos. Making maths, English, and everything in between a joy to learn.



Best Educational Children’s Videos: Free School

Free School is an educational children’s platform that provides answers to some of the big questions children have over a wide range of subjects. Free School aims to expose children to art collections, the different varieties of classical music, children’s literature, as well as providing informative videos on natural sciences. These are collated in an accessible way for children to absorb knowledge without being overwhelmed by it. An enriching experience, they cover biographies, history, geology, oceanography, mythology, and many other topics of interest.

While Free School is suitable for early years, it’s target audience is between six and ten years of age. They have an incredible selection of videos geared towards exploring oceans. Adjusting the expectations of what children are required to learn, the series delves into the wonders of the Coral Reef, information about sharks, dolphins, fish, and other sea creatures. They also have a dedicated area to ‘read-along’ stories, helping your children develop their literacy and thrive. Other subjects include animals, American history for children, women in history, among others. Their videos are well thought out and informative and provide a great base from which children can continue to learn from.

Best Educational YouTube Channels: StoryBots

The company that changed the game for video streaming is the renowned platform, Netflix. Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service and boasts over 167 million memberships across 190 countries worldwide. While they are famous for their tv series, documentaries and an incredible catalogue of films, they also play host to an educational kids channel that can entertain for hours – Storybots.

StoryBots is a series of videos that are curated by Netflix on their Netflix Jr. station. They also have a dedicated youtube channel so, even if you don’t subscribe to Netflix, Storybots are accessible for you. They teach on a wide range of concepts, have gripping stories, and catchy songs to engage children with the content. Their videos are deliberately humorous and can be entertaining for people of all ages. Their children’s videos are designed with children aged six to nine in mind. StoryBots also has another dedicated show called Super Monsters which is light relief from learning.

Netflix believes that knowledge and they use incredible stories to break down complex subjects for their youthful viewers. Using relevant material and covering questions that children might ask, they take medical concepts and break it down for children. Things like ‘What is a Virus?’, ‘How do people catch a cold?’, and they have even created a ‘Wash Your Hands’ song for children to dance and sing along to while practising basic hygiene. The brilliance of StoryBots is that children won’t even realise that they’re learning. A brilliant example of some of the educational children’s videos that are currently online.

Renowned Children’s Videos: National Geographic Kids

One of the most renowned educational sites around, National Geographic would never leave out their youthful consumers of knowledge. National Geographic Kids has its very own YouTube channel to stream children’s videos to the masses. Due to it being National Geographic, their footage is stellar and their production quality sensational. The videos are bite-sized content, making it very easy for people to engage with. Videos are usually less than five minutes long, so don’t require a lot of attention to enjoy and learn from.

National Geographic Kids’ YouTube Channel doesn’t only include uploads like the world’s most venomous animals, insects, safari animals, and cave creatures, it also serves as a space to highlight science experiments. They also host an Explorer Academy which takes children on a journey to find the truth behind certain topics. This varies from information about oceans to the desert and indeed, outer space. They also give a brilliant introduction to technology and how it is used in the world. Perfect material for children in the early years right through to high school, there is something for everyone in their children’s videos. A classic site that has offered the world-leading pictures and information for over a hundred years, it’s modern formats are a perfect way to introduce educational content to your children.

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