Mental Math Tricks for Kids – Math Magic for the Kids


Do you want to trick your friends and show them some magic? There are some mental math tricks for kids which they could practice and then do it on their friends and family members in order to show them the magic and bring the final answer out.

Let the final number be the magical answer the kids will start their trick with, they will just choose to ask their friends or family members which they are doing the trick on to choose a specific number and then follow the calculations they will be guided through to get that final number.

The tricks are numerous and different and according to the final “magical” number which the whole game will be about, the steps and the calculations that are going to be done along the way will be different as well.

In this mental math trick, the final answer is 5 but in order to let the magic work, there are some steps and tips which the kids will need to follow: –

First, write number 5 on a piece of paper and place it in an envelope then seal it and follow the different steps related to the trick and eventually open the envelope and let them all wonder how did that happen. – The steps of the trick start with the person that you are doing this trick on to choose any number.

Let the person double the number they have chosen. – After doubling the number, add number 10 to it. – Now ask the person to divide the doubled number they have by number 2. – And the final step is to let them subtract the original number they have chosen from the beginning from the number they ended up with.

This should eventually bring number 5 as the final answer and make your magic trick work. There are some important tips which the kids should be paying attention to, such as letting them follow these different instructions and do the calculations in their minds or else on a piece of paper but never reveal the answers because that might ruin the magic – the most important thing is for the original number they have chosen to be kept as a secret.

Mental math means using the mind to record the different calculations which the kids will be doing in their minds instead of always recording them on paper and in this case all the calculations should be better done in mind.

This math trick is beneficial in both sides, the one doing the trick and the one who is receiving the game, the first one will learn math while practising the trick and also through the self-confidence that will be gained and the second will also learn math through the different calculations that he/she will be doing to get the final answer.

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