Making The Amazing Beats and Rhythms: 4 Online Teaching Resources for Music

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Music controls a range of emotions in human beings. It also helps us recognise patterns and determines our perception of things. With that in mind, providing options for your children to delve into the world of music is incredibly important for their social and psychological development.

There are a ton of online teaching resources that make discussing music easier for people at home. A variety of programs allow children to explore different methods of expression and making music, while also allowing them to create their sounds.

A wealth of online teaching resources minimises the need for musical instruments, as they can practice sounds if getting an instrument is ever so slightly out of reach.

Online Teaching Resources for Music: Smart Music

A phenomenal online teaching resource is Smart Music. Currently being offered for free, it is an effective practising tool for children and a great programme for teaching. It gives immediate feedback to allow students to see which notes and rhythms have been played correctly or incorrectly. It then provides a performance score and allows them to hear their recording back, allowing them to learn from their mistakes.

With a phenomenal repertoire library, it hosts over 150 method books as well as over 5400 ensemble titles. It contains thousands of solos from top publishers as well, which means there are plenty of examples for your children to learn from. There are inbuilt price tools. Things like a tuner, a metronome, and a looping ability for certain sections are built into the software and are close at hand.

Smart Music has built-in communication loops so teachers and students can see each other’s comments, be it on student recordings or on assignments that have been set. Assessment support is available through SmartMusic’s online Gradebook. This allows for the tracking of student’s progress and accessing student recordings, assignments, and performance scores.

Track student progress in SmartMusic’s online Gradebook, accessing student recordings, assignments, and performance scores. Another excellent feature is analytics. Here, you can track student practice time, as it is happening and after.

Working on a variety of mixed-media formats, SmartMusic is an incredibly accessible software, offering colourblind support. This is done by colour adjustments to make sure that every student has equal access. Even as their free offer ends, student programs are free and SmartMusic can be priced as an affordable package for anyone who needs it. The ultimate online teaching resource for music.

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Smiling boy is playing the acoustic guitar

Online Teaching and Learning Resources: Prodigies Music

Introducing children in their early years is a fantastic way of encouraging cognitive development. Luckily, there are spaces online that provide online teaching and learning resources for music. One of these being Prodigies Music. Prodigies Music began as an online teaching resource and youtube channel. They are passionate about delivering interactive preschool learning videos that teach children hand-signing, have them singing, and eventually get them playing their first instrument.

Music is multi-disciplinary and accompanies the development of other skills sets. Prodigies Music is aware of this and has children singing the alphabet, learning about scale numbers and solfege, and even throws colours into the mix as well. Using popular early years songs, children’s musicality is enhanced making Prodigies Music an integral part of online teaching resources for music.

Their online teaching resources offer a broad music curriculum for children. With a specialist focus on pitch, Prodigies Music invests in your child’s pitch, citing this age to be a critical period in auditory development. Teaching singing and hand-signing, children are introduced to musical concepts like solfege and note names, while learning colours and other educational material.

It’s an accessible program, designed to cater to children who are without a professional teacher. Their online teaching resources deliver content as a means of explaining numbers, colours, musical notes, and applying motions. Using activities, lesson guides, and sheet music, video lessons make music an enjoyable and accessible concept for those who have never had the opportunity to learn.

With over 400 music lessons available on the site, this is a perfect way to encourage children to sing, tap, clap, and hand-sign. If you have access to instruments, Prodigies Music makes use of this as well, having online teaching resources for the piano, xylophone, and ukulele. Available on phone, tablet, tv, and web, it has multiple formats to enjoy and engage with. Perfectly suited to children aged three to twelve, Prodigies Music is a phenomenal example of online teaching resources for music.

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Music Teacher Online Resources: Solfeg

Built as an immersive learning experience to excite the senses, Solfeg is a sensational online teaching resource for music. Designed as an interactive app for learning and teaching music, it features premium sound and song selection from the globe’s most famous artists. Using the latest technology for music production, it has transformed the music education platform.

Solfeg’s philosophy is deeply rooted in their belief that music is essential for everyone. From here, they have attempted to make an app that is accessible to everyone who wants the opportunity to learn more about it. Using digital music technology, their goal is to transform online teaching resources for music that usually suffer from lack of funding and limited access to resources.

Now with over 5000 schools and thousands of individuals participating in their programs, Solfeg combines music theory with practical, creative and collaborative methods of learning music. An incredible piece of software that allows music to flourish within a variety of communities. One of the most interesting and innovative technologies available for online teaching resources.

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Online Interactive Teaching Resources: Chrome Music Lab

People who are practical and kinesthetic learners enjoy learning through play. A perfect example of online teaching resources is the Chrome Music Lab. Consider space for experimental music, it allows students the opportunity to become familiar with their tunes and melodies using a tactile approach.

Combining their software with other instruments and dance, the Chrome Music Lab has a plethora of possibilities to engage, grow, and develop tracks and creative outlets for students. Using free accessible technology like Web Audio API, WebMIDI, and Tone.js, children become more familiar with computer software as well, developing multi-disciplinary skills. The Chrome Music Lab is a brilliant use of online teaching resources for music.

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