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Magic math tricks are a great way of introducing children to more complex issues in maths in a fun and dynamic way.

Math can be taught to inspire and can be an incredibly fun topic if it is taught with creative solutions. Magic math tricks can engage students in learning while they recognise patterns and sequences in problems.

Magic Math Tricks

Looking at ways to creatively solve math problems and providing fun solutions to difficult sums is a great way to deliver maths to children who maybe find it difficult to interact with.

Magic math tricks are suitable for children of all ages and are even for adults to get involved with. 

Magic Math Tricks: Being a Math Magician

Magic math tricks can bring a lot of excitement to a dull topic. Utilising these can encourage children to form a more positive opinion of mathematics as children use creative strategies to get the final answer.

Magic math tricks entertain children as well as educate them, and they’re fun for all the family to get involved with. One magic maths trick you could do is getting your child to attempt to get the number three.

There are a few ways of doing this, but breaking it down into smaller steps makes it more accessible for anyone who wants to play. 

The first stages of the magic math tricks to consider are to think of a whole number that is bigger than zero. From here, make sure you square that number and then add the original number to that.

Once you have that answer, you divide that by the original number that you selected. Add the number seventeen to that and then take away the original number that you had chosen.

To get the final answer, divide that number by six. No matter what number you have chosen, the final answer will always be three.

This is an exciting method of demonstrating magic math tricks that can be done by all of the family. It gives children confidence with numbers as well.

Another great example of magic math tricks that would be suitable for children who are learning their multiplication times tables. For those who are struggling with the higher numbers, this is an example of great magic math tricks that keep them engaged and to persevere through the topic they are learning.

Get your child to put their palms out with their fingers visible and moving. From here, they can fold fingers that represent one to ten in the right order. Get them to fold the finger that represents number nine.

Folding that means that multiplying nine by one is equal to nine. If the answer is a two-digit number, then the finger before the folded finger is the first digit and the second is those after it. This game gives children more confidence in the mathematical operation of multiplication. 

Another trick that is fun for all the family is very similar to the first of the magic math tricks but, using different steps and strategies, we will achieve a different number.

This is a great example of magic math tricks that you can use to show off to your family and friends. Write the number five on a piece of paper and then put it in your pocket. Let someone choose a number and then take the following steps.

Double the number they have chosen and add ten to the answer. Then, divide this answer by two. If you subtract this answer from the original answer then the final answer will be 5.

This is a one to impress your friends and family with as you can show them the folded paper with the answer on it after.

Magic Maths Tricks: Number Tricks for Kids

Everyone loves their birthday, and there are great ways of playing magic math tricks with friends using these dates. You might need to use a calculator but, if you have a piece of paper and a pen, this will suffice to help you get the conclusions that you need.

To do one of the best magic math tricks, guess your age, you’ll need to start by writing down the year of your birth. From here, double that number. After you have a result, add this number by five and multiply it by fifty. After you have done this, add whatever age you are and then add 365.

After this, subtract 615. The final answer can be broken down into different digits. The first four digits will be the year of your birth, but the last two digits will be what age you are. This is a really fun example of magic math tricks that you can play with your family and friends. Dynamic and entertaining, magic math tricks make doing sums fun. 

Magic math tricks are a really fantastic way of introducing children to complex mathematical operations in a fun and exciting way. Maths can sometimes be considered a dull subject and one that is incredibly difficult. Using creative teaching techniques like magic math tricks ensures that children learn math in a dynamic and vibrant way.

The best thing about these tricks is that children won’t even realise they’re doing complex sums, and think they’re participating in illusionary magic. These types of sums also aid children in recognising patterns and sequences in problems. This gives children creative methods to pragmatically solve equations that they might be having trouble with.

Providing children with techniques to allow for creative critical thinking is an important skill that can be transferred to subjects inside and outside of their curriculum and classroom. Being able to creatively problem solve gives them the necessary tools to deal with more difficult equations and sums as they advance through their mathematics tutoring.

Children enjoy challenges that allow them to exercise creative strategies and this is certainly one that children will enjoy. Magic math tricks are fun for any age to get involved with as well. Entertaining, inclusive, and creative, magic math tricks can revolutionise the way you instruct math to your children or students. 

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