Magic Math Tricks for Kids – Subtraction Tricks

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Let the kids learn a new magic math trick and learn how to subtract along the way. Math tricks are numerous and they help in giving the kids the chance to play some educational games while at the same time enjoy getting the answers right and making the players just go “WOW”.

How to use Subtraction for this Magic Maths Trick

Since this is a magical math trick, it means that the game is divided into two different sections: the first one is related to the calculations which will be done by the player according to the number they choose, and the second section is related to the magical part of guessing the answers and letting the people get amazed.

First of all, one of the important tips for this trick to let the magic work is to let the player do the calculations privately without showing you any of them or even telling you the number they have chosen. This is important because if you knew the number you could do the calculations and it won’t be called magic anymore.

Magic Math Tricks
Magic Math Tricks

What are the three different steps that the Player should go through with the Game?

There are three different steps that the player should go through with the game: first to choose a number, second to reverse the digits of that number, and third to take away the smaller number from the larger one. This is the part of the player, while the one giving the orders will then ask either about the hundreds or else the units digit to guess the other one.

There are some facts that the kid should always know while playing this trick to handle the magic that will happen at the end. The first fact is that the tens digit in the final number will always be nine, so the kid could give it as a guess on its own.

The second fact is that the hundreds digit plus the units digit will always be nine in total, so they will choose one to ask about, do the calculation in their mind about which number would give a 9 is added to the number the player gave them, and then guess the digit they did not ask about or else guess the whole final answer and let the magic work.

While the kids are still in the phase of practicing this trick on themselves before they go forward with tricking their friends and family, they will be learning how to subtract big numbers. Subtraction is easy but tricky for young ages as well, and when it comes to those big numbers, they should always make sure they are placing them correctly under one another to take away the right numbers from one another.

Your Age Trick

Here is a simple math trick that can help you to know your age more quickly and easily. Let’s follow the steps carefully and don’t forget to Press equal at the end of every step, Let’s goooooooooooooo….

  • Write the year of your birth.
  • Double it.
  • Add Five.
  • Multiply by 50.
  • Add your age.
  • Add 365.
  • Subtract 165.

Subtraction Tips

Make Ten

2 +…. = 7 How can you solve this problem?? 

Add 10 to 2, 10 + 2 = 12. Then subtract, 12 – 7 = 5.

So 2 + 5 = 7. Is this easy 🙂 

Use Hundreds Chart

A hundred chart is a useful chart, which helps you to be good at subtracting. So you should have one at home.

Here we need to subtract 63 – 35. Find 63 on the chart. You know that 35 has 3 tens and 5 ones. Let’s see:

Start with 63 on the chart, After that go back 3 tens, and it will move you to 33. After that count back 5 ones, and it will move you to 28. Yaaaaaaaaaahy.

Number Line

Visual learners use a number line, which makes the subtraction process easier. It is called the jump strategy. This process helps you to subtract smaller numbers. This line contains numbers from one to twenty, you can go back to count by jumping.

Let’s See:

How can we subtract 19 from 9???? We will start on 19 and go back to 9. Let’s count 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9. Here we count 10 steps, so the answer is 10.

19 – 9 = 10. You can draw the number lines in your copybook, book, or on your school board.

Here are some Activities that help you with Subtraction Problems

Make the Problem Real:

You can imagine the problem as a real story, it will make the subtraction easier. 

There are 6 owls on the tree, and suddenly 2 of those owls flew into the sky. How many owls are still on the tree? Let’s imagine those owls and how many of them remain?

Subtraction with Buttons

magic math,subtraction,math tricks LearningMole
Subtraction with Buttons

You can use the buttons in subtraction problems to make it easier. You can play it with your friends. Let’s see how can we solve this problem 9 – 5 =??? You can bring 9 buttons and take 5 out, then count how many buttons there are?  Yes, 4 buttons will remain.

In the box Subtraction

No kid doesn’t like this game. It’s a funny game, which helps you to subtract numbers easily. Play this game with your friends. Each box of boxes has an equation has been written on a flashcard. After choosing a flashcard solve it and return it to the same box.

magic math,subtraction,math tricks LearningMole
In the box

Math tricks help you to learn more techniques about how to solve questions fast and can help to develop more confidence in math and improve your math skills and understanding.

Gather your friends and play with them more tricks. Learning Mole provides you with lots of math mental tricks, which are so important for you to know the world around you easily. You have to know more tricks, at the beginning you may use paper and pen, after a while, you will solve all mathematical problems on your own.

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