Stories for Children – The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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Stories for Children – Short Stories for Kids -Short Stories in English -The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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A fun animated video of the English story – Three Billy Goats Gruff (3 Billy Goats Gruff) Short story with a moral – The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Whether they are bedtime stories, stories in the middle of the day to fill their day with something useful or just all-time stories, there are lots of those which parents could tell to their kids and which teachers could depend on when story time comes in school.

Almost every single story told for the kids carries a meaning and a message behind it. In the case of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” the message is that the grass is not always greener on the other side and this is not the real meaning, but it means that looking up to something that looks better from your point of view is not always the real and actual thing.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff is the story of the three goats standing at one side of the bridge and then one of them decides to pass over and cross this bridge to eat some grass. When the first goat gets to cross the bridge, a troll living under the bridge comes up to eat the goat but the goat tells him to wait for the second one who is fatter, this happens with the second goat as well who said the same words about the third goat, and finally the third goat comes up and tells the troll that he is the one that will be eaten, and that was when the troll ran away.

Stories for Kids – develop their imagination

There are different things that kids could learn from this story in addition to the main message delivered through it, such as learning to face all the hardships that they pass by and they could also learn that sometimes to reach what they want, they might face some hard times which they should be willing to handle and deal with.

There are lots of things that kids could find interesting when it comes to stories; it might be the way the teacher or the parent is telling them the story, it could be the characters used in the cartoon and it could be the pictures used in the book. Sometimes parents will think that a specific book or story they have chosen is the perfect one for their kids, but they will need first to try before deciding because the kids might have other opinions.

After telling the story to your kids – and of course if this is not a bedtime story – you could test their memory and their concentration by asking them some questions related to the story at the end of it all, and not just that, but stories could be also used to help the kids spell some words and at the same time learn to spell some letters (Phonics for Kids).

Of course, this is not the only method to teach kids spelling, but this is one of the methods that will help in the process and which parents could try and depend on. There are usually different games that kids play to learn spelling, letters and phonics and these games could even get more creative according to the parents and the tools they might have, also some kids prefer some games which others don’t even like so, it also depends on the kids themselves (Alphabet Games for Kids).

The stories for kids should be interesting enough to keep them excited and paying attention to what is being said or what they are reading or watching. There are different interesting stories which we have on our channel for parents to read and show for their kids. From those that we are talking about, you will find The Gingerbread Man, Rapunzel, and Three Little Pigs. Parents could also choose different other stories they might know about or else choose general information and facts about animals for example which they could inform the kids within the form of telling a story.

Enjoy watching this video with your kids and tell them the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff then ask the kids what they learned from the story and what is the message that they received. Tell us about your feedback when you finish!

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