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Multiplication is one of the different mathematical operations that kids learn at school and then it keeps living with them in their daily life experiences. One of the important and initial steps in multiplication is teaching the kids about the time tables and in this video the focus is on number six.

Multiplication LearningMole


The timetable is a method used to teach the kids how to multiply and they usually understand how the process goes and then they memorize it but in a more understandable way that they could work out a number if they have forgotten all about it at some point.

x6 Timetable

In this educational video, the number dealt with is six and it is actually one of the easy times tables for being even and not odd.

Since even numbers are usually considered easier for the kids than the odd ones. In the times tables, the numbers that are multiplied by the one being under the spotlight are usually the numbers from one to ten.

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