Multiplication Times Tables – x9 Magic Tables

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A fun video showing the 9x table for kids. Learning timetables facts for kids is such an important skill as it will make mental math and the more formal written methods much easier for your child. This video is a fun way to help your child with times table memorization.

9x Table

What is Multiplication?

Multiplying is a process that kids learn at school to manage to get the answer for two numbers being multiplied by one another, making it easier for the kids to memorize the answer without having to go through the whole thing or table every time a multiplying question is imposed.

What are Time Tables usually focusing on?

Time tables are usually focusing on the numbers from one to ten because going further than this might be hard for the kids to memorize and thus will need to choose another multiplying method to depend on, such as the famous grid method which parents and teachers consider as the best when it comes to multiplying and teaching it for kids.

Timetable Of Nine

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