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What are Times Tables?

Times tables are those that help kids know the answer for multiplying two numbers by one another.

Usually after helping the kids understand and know how to count the numbers of the times tables, they then reach the point where they start memorizing it all.

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Math Times Tables Sky Theme

Every number has its own times table to make it easier for the kid to recognize it.


In this video, the timetable focused on is for number two and through this video kids will learn how much they are supposed to count in every single number to get their multiplication answer.

x2 Multiplication Timetable

The times table of number two is one of the easiest for the kids to understand and memorize because it is not just an even number, but it is also small and thus make it easier for the kids to bring out the answer.

In any times table, kids are supposed to double add the number to every answer they get, here is the times table for number two so that it becomes clearer:

Multiplication LearningMole

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