Multiplication Times Tables- 5x Tables


Kids and multiplication means lots of different methods and games which they could learn and play and that is exactly the main focus of LearningMole, to give parents the ideas which they could depend on to teach their kids math while homeschooling them. Multiplication for kids is not easy, for them it is a little bit hard especially at the beginning of it all and that is the reason why parents homeschooling their kids and teachers at school should always bring out easy and creative ideas through which the kids could learn something in an easy way. From the initials of multiplication, times tables come at the beginning and these help in teaching the kids how to easily memorize a times table of a specific number. Memorization will never be effective without understanding how the multiplication table at hand is counted, so kids will first understand and then they will move forward to start counting and multiplying two numbers together. In this video the multiplication table that is dealt with is for number five and through the different school grades this was considered the easiest of them all because the numbers are just transitions between numbers with either a zero at the end or else a five.