Molecules Facts for Kids – 5 Magical Facts about Molecules

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Everything around us are made of atoms even our bodies are made of molecules. So here are five magical molecules facts for kids.

Molecules Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: When Two or More Atoms Join Together, They Make a Molecule

A molecule is the smallest possible unit of any substance that can exist. It has all the properties of a substance. If a molecule was split into smaller pieces, it would be made up of atoms.

Atoms on their own don’t have the properties of a full substance, it is only when they are joined up with other atoms that a full substance called a molecule can be formed.

Molecules Facts for Kids
A photo of molecules

Molecules Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Everything Is Made of Molecules, Including You!

You are actually made up of trillions and trillions of different types of molecules. DNA is a long molecule that has information uniquely describing every human being.

DNA is the genetic information inside the cells of the body that helps make people who they are. It is basically the blueprints or instructions to how your body was made.

Molecules Facts for Kids LearningMole
3d DNA shape

Molecules Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Molecules Can Have Different Shapes

All different molecules are different shapes and sizes depending on how many atoms they are made up of. Molecules made up of only two atoms are always linear in shape, meaning they are a straight line. Some molecules are long spiral shaped while others may be pyramid shaped.

Molecules Facts for Kids LearningMole
Hydrogen molecules against blue background

Molecules Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: When Atoms of Different Types of Elements Join Together, They Make Molecules Called Compounds   

Water is a chemical compound because its molecules have two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Both of these atoms don’t have the properties of water but when joined together they make the chemical compound H2O which is water.

This is the same with Carbon dioxide as its molecules have one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. Some molecules in living cells are made up of hundreds of thousands of atoms.

Molecules Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Molecules and Compounds Are Held Together by Chemical Bonds

There are two main types of bonds that hold most compounds together. These are covalent bonds and ionic bonds.The bonds are formed when atoms share particles called electrons with one another.

Some compounds can have both types of bonds. Covalent bonds share electrons between atoms. Ionic bonds form when an electron from one atom is transferred permanently to another atom.

Molecules Facts for Kids LearningMole
Student writing a chemical formula and a 3d diagram of the formula

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