Water Facts for Kids – 5 Wonderful Facts about Water

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Have you ever thought about a life without water? Here are five wonderful facts about water that we can’t live without it.

Water Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Life on Other Planets

One of the best ways scientists can guess there might be life on other planets is to look for water! One thing we have observed about all life on our planet is that it needs water in order to live, and so by finding water on other planets we can guess there is a possibility of life – as we know it – being somewhere out there!

Water Facts for Kids
Water drop from a leaf on our planet

Water Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Oceans

We live on land and there are a lot of us humans, but 71 percent of our planet is covered in water, and the oceans actually hold over 95 percent of all water on earth! Imagine all the lakes and rivers you’ve seen, they are barely a drop in the ocean, literally!

Water for Kids

Water Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Seas

You’ve heard that the sea is salty, and you might have even tasted it by accident before, well did you know that not all of the seas are salty? And there is one place in particular that has very interesting salt levels – The Dead Sea! – It has so much salt in it that it is actually hard to swim, and that is because you float instead! It’s called the dead sea because the salt content means nothing can live in it!

Water Facts for Kids LearningMole
Sea and mountains

Water Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Our Body

What about our water contents? Did you know that adults are around 55-60% water? But even weirder, a newborn baby is 78% water! Water has loads of uses in our bodies, like regulating our body temperature, getting rid of wastes and even acting as a shock absorber for our brains!


Water Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Water isn’t slippy

I bet you always think of water as slippy, but scientists say it actually has a ‘sticky’ quality! That’s weird! It’s clever though, because water likes to stick to itself and other things, if you put a droplet of water on your desk it won’t automatically spread out it will sit in a little round droplet, and not all liquids do this!

Water Facts for Kids LearningMole
Kids in rain boots playing by a puddle

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about water as much as we loved teaching you about it. Now that you know how majestic the water is, you can move on to learn more about our amazing Earth like: Four Seasons, Seas and Lakes, Miraculous Atmosphere, Tallest Mountain vs Deepest Ocean, Earth and Earthquakes

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