India Facts for Kids – 5 Incredible Facts about India

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Would you like to visit India someday? Let’s discover five incredible India facts for kids.

India Facts for Kids Fact number 1: Cows Are Sacred in India

The main religion of India is Hinduism. Cows are a sacred animal in Hindu beliefs and are associated with many of the Hindu deities. An example of this is Krishna, the god of love and protection, who was a cow herder in his youth. Because of the respect people of the Hindu faith have for cows they treat them very well. Most of the population of India don’t eat beef and the eating of beef is banned in most of India. Cows are also allowed to roam the streets in India without being bothered by humans.

India Facts for Kids
Group of black-and-white cows near river

India Facts for Kids Fact number 2: 75% of The World’s Spices Come from India

The weather and environment in India is perfect for growing spices. In India the weather is very warm, humid, and has lots of rainfall that is great for growing all kinds of plants that produce spices. This is why most of the world’s spices are grown there and why Indian cuisine uses a wide variety of spices. Every year India produces over 10 million tons of spices. Its no wonder their food is so delicious.

India Facts for Kids LearningMole
Four assorted spices on wooden spoons

India Facts for Kids Fact number 3: India Has a Very Colourful Festival

The Holi festival is the Hindu New Year’s festival, it is a festival celebrating Spring, Love, and Colour. It is a festival in honour of the deity Radha Krishna. During the festival of Holi a bonfire is lit and people come out into the streets and cover people with colourful powders. These are called gulal powders, and their colours symbolise different things to celebrate. Red gulal powder represents love, green represents spring, and blue represents Krishna.

India Facts for Kids LearningMole
Happy child with coloring paints on face and body celebrating Holi color festival

India Facts for Kids Fact number 4: Snakes and Ladders Comes from India

Have you ever played the game snakes and ladders or chutes and ladders? It was first invented in India as a way to teach children about the belief of karma. Karma is the believed measure of good and bad deeds people do. Hindus believe when you do good or bad things it is measured and you will receive good fortune if you do good things. The game was a great way to explain karma to children.

India Facts for Kids LearningMole
Snakes and ladders board game

India Facts for Kids Fact number 5: India Has The World’s Highest Rail Bridge

Bridges are very important for trains to travel across different terrain such as mountains and rivers. The Chenab Rail Bridge is the world’s highest railway bridge and it allows trains to pass over the river Chenab. It is a very high up bridge standing at1,178 feet tall. That is three times the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. That’s a very tall bridge!

Let’s learn more about India here are five amazing facts about the Hindi alphabetical system:

India Facts for Kids: Hindi alphabet

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about India as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this country is, you can move on to learn about other ones like: United States, Italy, Day of the Dead in Mexico, Festivals in Mexico, 8 Amazing Places to Visit in Egypt, Egypt, Festivals in India and 1 Interesting Fact about Every Country in Asia.

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