Egypt for Kids: 5 Exciting Facts about Egypt

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Have you ever thought about how ancient and modern Egypt look like? Have fun with our five fun facts about Egypt for kids!

Fact number 1: 96% of Egypt is desert

Egypt is a very dry and hot country and they get very little rain. On average Egypt has between 20 millimetres and 200 millimetres of rain every year. This means that only 5% of the land in Egypt is where most of the people live. The people of Egypt live by the coast of the river to give them access to water. This means that a lot of people live in a very small space.

Fact number 2: The Pyramids of Egypt are Tombs

Egypt for kids
Egypt for Kids: Pyramids of Giza, tombs of the pharaohs.

The most famous tourist attractions in Egypt are the pyramids and the Great Pyramid of Egypt. These are very tall monuments that are made of very large slabs of stone. These impressive structures had a very special job in Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians were ruled by kings and queens called pharaohs, the pharaohs were seen as the representation of the Egyptian gods on Earth. These pharaohs represented the gods on earth and were highly respected. When they died they needed a special place to be buried that would prepare them for the afterlife with all the things they would need. The pyramids were built to house the pharaohs after they died and help them reach the afterlife.

Egypt for Kids

Fact number 3: The World’s longest river is in Egypt

Even though Egypt is mostly desert it is also home to the world’s longest river which runs into the Mediterranean ocean. The Nile River is 4,100 miles long and is very important to the people of Egypt.

Egypt Facts for Kids
Egypt for Kids:: River Nile in Egypt

The river provides drinking water, bathing water, and water to grow crops. If the River Nile wasn’t there people could not have settled in Egypt as there would be no way to get enough water.

Egypt for Kids

Fact number 4: People have been living in Egypt for 8000 years

The first people who lived in Egypt were hunter gatherers who eventually settled by the River Nile to start farming. People who lived there created stone tools and created jewellery which has been found by archeologists. The Egyptians settlers created one of the earliest civilizations in the world. The people who first settled in Egypt eventually became the Ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids.

Egypt Facts for Kids

Fact number 5: The Red Sea is as warm as a bath

Egypt has several coasts even though it is largely desert, coastlines in Egypt are connected to the Nile River, the Mediterranean Ocean, and the Red Sea. The Red Sea has very warm weather all year which heats up the water. The water of the Red Sea rises to around 28 degrees Celsius, that’s the same temperature as bath water.

The Red Sea is a very interesting ecosystem as it has colourful coral reefs and lots of tropical fish. Some of the fish found in the Red Sea are the Turkey fish, the Clownfish, and the Golden Trevally. All these interesting fish live in a very salty sea, the Red Sea has a higher salt level than normal oceans. This means people who swim in it can float very easily.

fish found in the red sea in egypt
Egypt for Kids: Tropical fish found in the Red Sea

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Ancient Egypt Activity for Kids
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