Viking Children Facts for Kids – 5 Cool Facts about Viking Children

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Have you ever ever imagined how was the life of the Vikings kids? Here are five cool Viking children facts for kids.

Viking Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Children didn’t Have Second Names

Often when children were born they were given just a first name, not like today where we have a first name and a surname. The Vikings didn’t have last names instead, Viking children would have been named after their father or sometimes their mothers name. For example, a Viking boy called Sten would have been known as Sten, son of Toke or Sten Toke-son. A Viking girl called Freydis, would have been known as Freydis Toke-daughter. Viking children could have also been named after their birthplace or their name could have reflected their personality or appearance such as Sten Fair Hair or Freydis the Quiet.

Viking Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Viking Children Played with Wooden Toys

Viking children didn’t have the vast toys that children have today but they did have some similar ones. All children’s toys would’ve been handmade with either wood or material. Some wooden toys that Viking children would have played with were small ships, swords, dolls and animal figures. Some of these toys were also useful to train various skills, such as sword fighting skills.

Viking Children Facts for Kids
Viking Children Facts for Kids: Wooden ship

Viking Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Viking Children didn’t Go to School

Unlike today, education wasn’t compulsory for Viking children. Instead of going to school, Viking children helped by working on the farms, in workshops and at home. Young boys would have been tasked with tending to animals, collecting wood and water and farming. Young girls would have been taught how to cook, clean and how to spin and weave wool to make clothes. Viking children learned valuable life and survival-skills from their parents.

Viking Children Facts for Kids LearningMole
Viking house

Viking Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Viking Children Loved to Play Sports

Viking children had plenty of time to participate in sport. For sport Viking children would have swam, practiced archery and during the Winter ice-skated. Younger boys would have learned fighting skills and would have improved on their athletic abilities to help them in battle. Many Viking children would have learned how to ride a horse from a young age. Vikings didn’t have cars or trains for transport, so knowing how to ride a horse meant that they could travel faster.

Viking Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Viking Children Dressed Similar to their Parents

Viking children would have worn similar garments to their parents. Viking boys would have worn pull-on tunics made of wool and baggy trousers held up by either a drawstring. In the colder weather they would have worn a cloak and a cap made of wool and fur. Viking boys would have also worn leather belts with a knife holder and a purse attached to hold things in. Viking girls would have worn a loose ankle-length dress tied with ribbons or draw-strings and an apron over it. To keep warm they would have worn a shawl or cloak and bonnet on their head. All clothes would have been handmade.

Viking Children Facts for Kids LearningMole
Young girl wearing red riding hood with wooden basket with goods

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about Viking children as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these Viking children are, you can move on to learn about ancient civilizations like: The Inuit, The Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Viking Warriors, Celts and Egyptians

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