Colours in German, Discover More Than 20 Different Colours in German

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Colours in German are very similar to their English counterparts, making it fairly easy for you to learn.

In the following section, we are going to give you a list of the most common colours and their name in German. At the end of this article, you will find a video that shows you how to pronounce these colours like a native German speaker.

Let’s get this done.

Common Colours in German

The coloursDie Farben
Light blueHellblau
Dark blueDunkelblau
Sky blueHimmelblau
Light redHellrot
Dark redDunkelrot
Common colours in German

How to Better Describe Colours in German?

You may have noticed that the last four colours in the previous table have a modifying adjective before them; this is “Drak/ Light”, so here are some of the adjectives you can use with colours to accurately describe it:

Some colour-modifying adjectives

So to say the following colours: light green and dark blue, you can use these adjectives before the colours. For example:

Light green is hell + grün = hellgrün.

Dark blue is dunkel + blau = dunkelblau.

And so on.

Now it’s time to listen to a native speaker pronouncing these colours and say them out loud,

Colours in German


We have covered almost all the common colours in German that you may encounter in your daily life, but there is always much more to be discovered.

So, If you are a huge fan of colours, then this detailed list of all the colour shades out there might be interesting to you.

Want to test yourself out on colours?

Here’s a quick quiz to see how well you’ve retained the information mentioned above about colours in German.

Q (1). What is the colour of the sky in German?

  1. Rot.
  2. Braun.
  3. Blau.
  4. Schwarz.

Q (2). What is the colour of the leaves in Autumn?

  1. Grün.
  2. Orange/ Gelb.
  3. Rosa.
  4. Rot.

Q (3). What is the colour of the sun in German?

  1. Weiß.
  2. Lila.
  3. Blau.
  4. Gelb.

Q (4). How do you say light red in German?

  1. Hellrot.
  2. Dunkelrot.
  3. Hellgrün.
  4. Himmelblau.

Q (5). What is the colour of water in German?

  1. Blau.
  2. Farblos.
  3. Weiß.
  4. Gelb.

Q (6). What is the colour you get when mixing “gelb” with “rot”?

  1. Weiß.
  2. Blau.
  3. Rosa.
  4. Orange.

Q (7). What is your favourite colour?

  1. Rosa.
  2. Grün.
  3. Blau.
  4. Schwarz.

Q (8). Your hair turns …… when you age.

  1. Schwarz.
  2. Grün.
  3. Grau/ Weiß.
  4. Braun.

Q (9). What is the colour of a banana?

  1. Grün.
  2. Weiß.
  3. Blau.
  4. Gelb.

Q (10). What is the colour of your blood?

  1. Grau.
  2. Rot.
  3. Schwarz.
  4. Beige.

Q (11). Hellrot means in English ….

  1. Light red.
  2. Light green.
  3. Drak red.
  4. Dark green.

Q (12). What does “Bunt” mean in English?

  1. Colourless.
  2. Light.
  3. Dark.
  4. Colourful.

Q (13). What does “Himmelblau” mean in English?

  1. Dark blue.
  2. Light blue.
  3. Sky blue.
  4. Dark brown.

Q (14). Which word would you use before a colour to denote it’s light?

  1. Brillant.
  2. Dunkel.
  3. Matt.
  4. Hell.

Q (15). Which word would you use before a colour to denote it’s dark?

  1. Brillant.
  2. Dunkel.
  3. Matt.
  4. Hell.

The correct answers:

Q (1) – 3

Q (2) – 2

Q (3) – 4

Q (4) – 1

Q (5) – 2

Q (6) – 4

Q (7) – There’s no right or correct answer to this question; choose whichever you want.

Q (8) – 3

Q (9) – 4

Q (10) – 2

Q (11) – 1

Q (12) – 4

Q (13) – 3

Q (14) – 4

Q (15) – 2

Match the following colours with their correct name in German

Dark blueGelb
Sky blueSilber
Light redOrange
Colours in German

The correct answers:

Dark blueDunkelblau
Sky blueHimmelblau
Light redHellrot
Colours in German

Complete the following words with the correct missing letters:

Q (1) – H_ l_ r_ t (light red).

Q (2) – F_ r_ l_ s (colourless).

Q (3) – Gr_ n (green).

Q (4) – B_ a_ n (brown).

Q (5) – S_ h_ a_ z (black).

Q (6) – D_ n_ el_ ot (dark red).

Q (7) – B_ nt (colourful).

Q (8) – H_ ll_ l_ u (light blue).

Q (9) – H_ ll_ r_ n (light green).

Q (10) – Die F_ rb_ n (the colours).

The correct answers:

Q (1) – Hellrot.

Q (2) – Farblos.

Q (3) – Grün.

Q (4) – Braun.

Q (5) – Schwarz.

Q (6) – Dunkelrot.

Q (7) – Bunt.

Q (8) – Hellblau.

Q (9) – Hellgrün.

Q (10) – Die Farben.

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