Urinary System Facts for Kids – 5 Unusual Facts about Urinary System

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Why do we have a urinary system? Here are five unusual urinary system facts for kids.

Urinary System Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Why Does The Urinary System Is so Important to Our Body?

The urinary system is very important to a healthy body. It helps the body by removing excess water, toxins, and waste. The urinary system creates urine which removes the bad stuff from your body while leaving the nutrients that the body needs.

Urinary System Facts for Kids
The urinary System

Urinary System Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: The Ureters

The kidneys are the most important part of the urinary system as it filters the blood and removes toxins. The kidneys filter all the blood in the body around 20 times a day making sure the blood only contains good nutrients. The ureters are tubes which carry the urine created by the kidneys to the bladder. The bladder stores the urine until it is time to expel it while keeping it away from other internal organs to prevent infection and then the urethra allows the urine to flow out of your body.

Urinary System Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Doctors Took Urine Samples in The Mediaeval Times

Doctors take urine samples for certain illnesses today because it can show how your body is working. In the mediaeval times it was used to test for everything and it was used all the time. Mediaeval doctors believed it was the best way to find out what was wrong with your body. They even had charts showing the colour of the urine and what that meant for your health. This practice is called uroscopy and doctors would even smell or taste the urine to check for illness.

Urinary System Facts for Kids LearningMole
Lab doctor performing medical exam of urine

Urinary System Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Water Is so Important to Our Body

Your body needs water to be healthy and we get liquid from drinking and eating. This water is processed by the urinary system and stored in the bladder until we have to pee to expel the excess water. The bladder can hold a surprising amount of water before you have to pee, around half a litre which is 500 millilitres. That is around a pound of water. 

Urinary System Facts for Kids LearningMole
Two women are drinking water

Urinary System Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Romans Used Urine to Help Dye Their Robes

Ancient people were very good at using natural ingredients they found to make things. The Ancient Romans used urine to help dye their robes bright colours.  This worked well as urine has a chemical called ammonia in it and it makes a very good mordant. A mordant is a mixture that helps the dye cling to the material so the dye will not wash out. So, this was actually very smart even if it sounds gross.

Urinary System Facts for Kids LearningMole
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We hope you enjoyed learning more things about urinary system as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this system in human body is, you can move on to learn about other ones like: Brain, Eyes, Nose, Teeth, Ears, The Respiratory System, urinary system, skeletal system, Nervous System and cardiovascular system.

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