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If you are starting out in teaching, you’re homeschooling and unsure where to start, or you have been a teacher for some time and feel your content has become stale, a great place to invigorate teaching passions is through educational blogs. There are an array of educational blogs online that can aid with lesson planning, provide interactive activities for your children and students, and also a forum to vent frustrations or read about similar emotions that are experienced when educating a child. Educational blogs have provided a much-needed source of information for parents and educators, while also presenting their lot in a non-judgemental and helpful manner. A fun read educational blogs give those who read them a creative and informative experience in short, easy to read chunks.

Educational Blogs: The Magical Educator

Set up in early 2007, The Magical Educator is a blog spot set up to specifically aid teachers and parents or guardians who were homeschooling. Recently voted as one of the most effective learning hubs for teachers around the world, it has also received blog awards for its contributions to education and its facilitators. A fantastic space filled with resources, it originally came equipped with the Maths Toolkit but has since become the Educator Toolkit which is a fully equipped resources space for educators, parents, and guardians to glean information for their classes or lessons from.

A popular site, it has developed into a highly influential educational resource with the blog posts aiding and guiding lessons. A communal space for teachers and others to pool resources, it provides effective educational strategies as well for teachers and parents to make use of and aid teaching practice. An example of effective educational blogs that aid people in the framework of education.

The Magical Educator is a highly collaborative space that has experts in the teaching field contributing to its blog. From Ofsted inspectors, teaching consultants, teacher trainers, to classroom teachers, the Magical Educator is one of many educational blogs that has a passion for learning and equipping teachers for the classroom.

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Learning on the Job: Cool Cat Teacher

Cool Cat Teacher is an educational blog run by Vicki Davis, a teacher and Instructional Technology director. Based in southwest Georgia, Dabis has over eighteen years of teaching experience under her belt as well as five years of teaching experience specifically geared towards helping adults learn. Passionate about technology, Vicki Davis has travelled the world discussing the benefits that technology brings to teaching. Davis has a teaching that is based on a philosophy close to her heart – innovate like a turtle. This philosophy has inspired teachers across the world and brought new teaching styles into their classrooms. Passionate about teachers and students, Davis uses creative solutions to incorporate her modes of learning. Mother to three children, two of her children has learning differences that require more innovative and individualised methods of teaching. Realising that technology could deeply aid these challenges, Vicky Davis is an advocate for technology and learning.

Considered one of the best educational blogs online, Vicki Davis has been creating blog posts with Cool Cat Teacher for over fifteen years and has been an Edublog Award finalist for the Best Teacher Blog. This blog is listed in the top 50 blogs in Education and has a whopping 100,000 unique visitors who read the blog each month – an incredible achievement for one person. Knowing the power of social media, she has also been voted a top-five twitter user in education by the Edublog awards and featured as one of Mashable’s Top 10 Rockstar Teachers. Onalytica also named Vicki Davis as their top female edtech influencer on Twitter, using statistical research and engagement as a means of awarding the prize. With the multiple accolades under her belt, it is known wonder the Cool Cat Teacher is one of the best educational blogs online.

Cool Cat Teacher is more than just a blog, it also incorporates a podcast. Vicki Davis received a BAMMY for Best Talk Show Host in Education and has been hosting and producing the show since 2017. It was in the Top 10 education podcasts in iTunes within a week of its creation. With over 600 episodes to listen to, the show has over three million downloads. For those who need extra information in the classroom, Vicki Davis is some of the best educational blogs around.

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Education Blog: Teach Junkie

Teach Junkie is built on the idea that teaching is a space for collaborative learning. Sharing bright ideas and creative lesson plans, it’s a perfect space to create the lessons and framework that are needed to deliver a learning experience. Ran by Leslie, a kindergarten teacher, she is passionate about creating a space for learning and for other teachers to gather resources from. With over ten years of experience in the classroom, Teach Junkie shares a collection of ideas for people to glean from to allow for their teaching time to be memorable, exciting, and engaging for their students.

Collecting ideas for teachers, parents, and guardians to learn from, Teach Junkie is designed to allow you to gather information in one compact place without having to scour the internet for ideas and creative plans. Teach Junkie is a space that promotes the creative musings and talents of other teachers as well. Designed to support teachers and other educators, Teach Junkie has a multitude of guest posts that also lead you to find a variety of other educational blogs to assist with your own educational needs and learning. All the resources found on the site are also featured for free which takes financial pressure away.

Designed as a space for inspiration and growth, Teach Junkie is a fun and friendly source of educational blogs that provide the necessary equipment and resources to make creative lessons for your students and children. With no financial cost and plenty of resources available on the site, it is easily one of the most accessible educational blogs online. A supportive space that allows for teachers to collaborate, converse, and grow new methods of learning and teaching.

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