The Ultimate Guide to Educational Websites

educational websites
There are plenty of educational websites that aid with online learning.

Finding quality, educational websites can be tiresome and confusing when trying to find the right content to suit your needs. Online has a wealth of educational websites that act as a needed guide and resource to aid with lesson planning and homeschooling. Whether you are a teacher or a parent or guardian, knowing where to correlate your lessons from is important.  Using educational websites to help with learning outcomes, be it for your class and child, alleviates your workload and also provides an array of resources for your students to use and glean knowledge from. With the breadth of resources available online, you’ll never have to open a book. 


Ultimate Educational Websites: LearningMole

LearningMole is one of the U.K.’s leading sites for online learning and educational content. With a special focus on literacy and numeracy, it is an educational website designed for parents by Michelle Conolly, a primary school teacher with over fifteen years of experience in education internationally and throughout the United Kingdom. Recognising that parents were struggling with modern educational concepts, LearningMole was created as an answer to their needs. LearningMole has a series of helpful educational videos that detail concepts to parents as they are taught in modern classrooms today. There are also helpful blogs with a plethora of ideas and activities to engross your child while providing needed educational content. 

With animated videos exploring the weirdest of weathers and the depths of outer space, LearningMole’s video content is informative yet light, and is provided at a level of understanding for children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. The amount of resources and information accessible on their YouTube channel as well as on their website provides enough content to create lesson plans for years. A phenomenal educational website that gives children the opportunity to learn while having fun, LearningMole is a site that cannot be missed. Using multimedia content to reflect learning needs, LearningMole is designed specifically for parents to make home learning a breeze. For countless resources on ways to reinvigorate learning methods for numeracy and literacy, LearningMole is the site to visit.

LearningMole offers extensive resources for parents to facilitate home learning with their children.

Educational Websites: Twinkl

An extensive online resource, Twinkl is a fantastic educational website that features incredible interactive content for parents and educators alike. Twinkl’s site has some of the most impressive educational features available. It has teacher-created resources that cover curriculum, lesson planning, and entire assessments. They also have some interactive features and even sequences of augmented reality – a very unusual learning experience.

One of the most comprehensive educational websites, Twinkl has over 525,000 resources available online and content is added daily. They have a forum for discussion and operate as a support network for educators, learners, parents, and guardians globally. They have a wide array of resources for all age groups and are accessible globally. Twinkl resources can also be incorporated into any United Kingdom curriculum with ease. Despite being most well known for their primary school resources, Twinkl has a decent selection of secondary resources to aid those in secondary education. 

Twinkl also has a section dedicated to learning for childminders, an unusual and lovely feature. They provide a host of resources for childminders who wish to give their charges a more educationally focussed, care experience. Supporting SEND and EAL learning as well, Twinkl has an extensive catalogue for children to avail from. With integrated support systems for teachers, parents, and carers, Twinkl is a fantastic resource for those wanting to advance their learning experiences. With plenty of resources, games, and activities to avail from, Twinkl is a site to be enjoyed.

twinkl educational websites
Twinkl is an example of comprehensive, educational websites that aid children’s learning. (Source: Twinkl)

Brilliant Educational Websites: Teachwire

Teachwire is a comprehensive example of educational websites that cover a wide range of educational resources for educators and guardians to use. With learning resources for Early Years, Primary, and Secondary students, Teachwire has free CPD courses available as well as access to an area of literature for parents and students. With a SENCO section, Teachwire prides itself on its accessibility and providing detailed lesson plans for children of all learning abilities.

Teachwire is seen by many as the original educational website and its content footprint is large. Covering Early Years, Key Stage One, and Key Stage Two, it also plays host to resources for Key Stage Three and Four. It also serves a wide range of subject areas. For parents, guardians, and educators who feel rather clueless, Teachwire is a perfect space for them as it provides an array of activities, worksheets, and online resources for children to access and use.

Supported by multiple teachers across the United Kingdom, there is a constant update of content and a variety of teaching methods for essential subjects like literacy and numeracy. Teachwire is fairly unique as well as it offers magazines to subscribe to, courses to participate in, and it also has a newsletter for those who want fresh educational content being emailed to them regularly. A fabulous site for those with a passion for education, Teachwire is one of the best educational websites available for parents, guardians, and teachers. For those who need a structured curriculum and reliable lesson plans, Teachwire is the place to glean from.

educational websites teachwire
Teachwire offers an array of educational resources for people to use in lesson planning and learning.

Learning Online: Guide To Educational Websites

With a vast array of resources online, home learning has become an easier task for those who are engaging with extra tuition or even homeschool. Educational websites provide a channel for teachers, parents, and guardians to come together and pool resources and knowledge from one another to aid in children’s education. With the breadth available that plays host to a wide range of abilities and learning styles, educational websites are creating an alternative form of learning for those interested in the educational development of their children. It has never been more convenient for educators to provide fresh content for students daily.