Fun Subtraction Games for Kids

Explore problem-solving skills with a simple number story problem. A math video to help support your child in understanding the basic concept of subtraction and how to apply mathematical skills in real life contexts. Help your child progress and develop their number, mathematical and subtraction skills.

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Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; are the different mathematical operations that we all know about and which are considered the initial steps that children take when learning maths.

The focus here is on subtraction – or taking away as some people tend to refer to it – subtraction goes through several levels of difficulty: there are the initial levels which are taught to the kids, and there are those with a little bit of difficulty regarding the questions of math, and finally, there are those which might be combined with other mathematical equations that need to be solved (Inverse Operations).

There are different ways that parents could use and depend on to teach their kids how to subtract, and this will always depend on their age, but we could say that they will all fall in love with these different techniques since most of them are done and played with their favourite toys.

In this educational video, we focus the learning on subtraction and letting them know how to subtract by using their toys, such as the Lego pieces, and the small character toys they have, they could also learn through counting on their fingers and hands – the methods could keep getting more creative according to the parent and how far he/she goes with their minds, they should make sure that the method is working with their kids and that they are really learning something from it (Counting Games).

In this video, Michelle depended on different ways to educate James how to subtract, she started with having the small character toys and counting them then removing from them and asking how much are left there, she then went on to the point of using Lego and asking James to count the pieces while they are placed on one another then removed one and asked him to count once again and tell her what is the answer of this subtraction equation.

She moved on to the point of using the ordinary way of writing on a whiteboard and asking James to remove from the shapes drawn according to the mathematical questions she tends to ask, and she also used the counting thing on the fingers to let him understand that sometimes a little bit of help is needed.

The more the lesson is perceived as a challenging thing for the kid to answer, the more he/she will manage to understand the lesson, get along with it and learn how subtraction should be done and how could they solve their subtraction mathematical equations and problems (Lego Math Games).

The most important thing to consider when you are teaching your kid something related to math is to focus on one lesson only before moving on to the next one and never mix between two different lessons until you make sure that they have totally taken in the one before. Don’t mix between addition and subtraction for example until your kids know how to add alone then how to subtract alone, then you could mix the lesson for them (Play-Doh).

Fun Subtraction Games for Kids
Subtraction Game for kids

Enjoy Subtraction with Math Games

There are some mental math tricks for kids that parents homeschooling their children could try and these could be checked on those different links: Mental Math for Kids, Subtraction for Kids, and Mental Math Tricks for Kids.

There is always something to teach your kid and there is always one method that is considered much more effective for your kid than the other or the one which they will find easier for them to learn from and depend on, so already try a couple of ones to give their minds the chance to depend on a couple of methods and even use to make sure that the answer they got from the first one is correct.

Now, do your kids know how to subtract correctly? Do they know the different methods which they could depend on and which could be done through their playing toys? Could they solve a subtraction equation?

Math is easy when one learns its initial steps the right way! Enjoy watching this video about subtraction with your kids and let us hear back from you about the feedback and how it all turned out to be!

Have you found this interesting? Why not check our articles about addition for kids: Mental Math StrategiesNumber Facts, and Addition for Kids.

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