Number Facts: Outstanding Addition for Kids 4 – KS1

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Number Facts: Addition

Are you searching for ways to teach the kids how to add? Addition always comes at the beginning of the math journey and there are actually different ways to be used for teaching the kids, the most important thing is to take the ladder in the right way and order.

Number Facts LearningMole
Tutor High-fiving Child

Number Facts: Video

There are different names given to this mathematical technique that Michelle talked about in this video but Michelle herself tends to call it the “numbers bond”.

The numbers bond name is chosen because it reflects the purpose of this lesson, it teaches the kids to find the bonds between the numbers in order to make it easier for the kids to solve the mathematical equations given to them.

Number Facts: Rules

Adults and kids older in age might at first consider this something easy that does not need all the attention given to it, but actually it is necessary to let teachers and parents know the rules to follow them from the early beginning with the kids at such age.

Number Facts LearningMole
A Young Girl is Solving an Addition Equation

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