Subtraction for Kids 4 – Story Problems

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Updated on: Educator Review By: Michelle Connolly

Mathematics has its tricks and techniques which are chosen according to the age of the one learning and since this is about homeschooling kids then the different methods which we will depend on are all for the age of KS1 and KS2. Subtraction is one of the four different mathematical operations that are forming math and in order to teach kids how to subtract, it is important to choose the exciting methods. In this educational video, subtraction for kids is the main focus and in this video, Michelle was talking about the subtraction story problems and how the kids should handle them. There are several ways for kids to learn how to subtract, it could be through the story problems and it could be through telling stories while using some of the toys which they already own. The first method of subtraction for kids is about telling them a story while using some toys as characters and always enjoying this fun technique while doing it and always make the story seem interesting while telling it and while waiting for the answer.

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