Stone Age Facts for Kids – 5 Stunning Facts about Stone Age

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Have you ever imagine how life looked like during the stone age? Here are five stunning stone age facts for kids.

Stone Age Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Why Is It Called Stone Age?

The Stone Age is named after the use of stone during that time. People during the stone age created spears, hammers, and sharp stones used for cutting. These tools helped them keep safe from wild animals, create shelters, and prepare food.

In the Middle Stone Age period they created tools to help them use animal furs. They created stone scrapers and stone awls. The scrapers and awls would allow them to create clothing from animal skins, they even created shoes with laces.

The first ever wheel was created at the very end of the Stone Age period.

Stone Age Facts for Kids
A photo of a hummer

Stone Age Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Stone Age People Knew How to Fix a Broken bone

If you got a fracture or break in the Stone Age it would be treated in a similar way to how we treat it today. Even in the Stone Age they knew that broken bones had to be kept still to heal. In the Stone Age they used sticks or planks of wood to keep fractured limbs straight so they could heal. Today we use plastic splints but it does the same job. In the Stone Age they wrapped broken bones in clay to keep it in place while it healed. Now we use a plaster cast, a very similar process.

Stone Age Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Did They Liked Animals Back Then?

Dogs used to be wild animals until they were made into pets through a process called domestication. They made friends with dogs by sharing extra meat they had with them. Dogs were very useful pets to Stone Age people as they helped them hunt for food and defend them from wild animals.

Stone Age Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: How Stone Age People Got Their Food?

People in the Stone Age did not shop for their food like we do. They gathered fruit, vegetables, and herbs from the area they lived in. For meat they hunted animals, this would sometimes mean travelling very large distances. They were nomadic, meaning they moved around rather than settling in the same place so they could better find food.

Later in the Stone Age period people started to settle in one place where they could access water. This is when they became the first ever farmers changing how they got food.

Stone Age Facts for Kids LearningMole
Stone Age Facts for Kids: Green wheat field

Stone Age Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Stone Age Paintings

People in the Stone Age did not write down their history for us to study which is why they are called pre-historic. All that we know about the stone age is learned from the objects, remains, and art they left behind. We know they treated broken bones as their skeletons show healed breaks.

We also know they created art as their paintings are still there on the walls of caves and historians are still studying them to learn more about Stone Age people. The first ever instrument was a flute created in wood by Stone Age people and it was found by archeologists in 1995. It is around 60,000 years old!

Stone Age Facts for Kids LearningMole
Rock art includes both humanoid and animal figures on cliffs

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about stone age as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this period of time is, you can move on to learn about ancient civilizations like: The Inuit, The Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Celts and Egyptians

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