Interesting 2D and 3D Shapes for Kids

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Shapes for Kids- Learn the shapes for preschoolers

Learning the shapes is a lesson taught to kids from the early stages of life to help them name those which they see in front of them, be it a toy or any other shape related to the objects they pass by in general.

We have the circle, the square, the rectangle, the pentagon, the hexagon, the rhombus, the trapezium, the sphere and lots of other shapes which might keep appearing whenever the kids take one step forward in their educational journey.

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As much as the kids must learn more about the different shapes that are found out there, they should also manage to differentiate between those which are very similar to one another, such as the circle and the sphere, the rectangle and the square, the hexagon and the pentagon (Learn the Shapes for Kids)

The interesting thing about the process of teaching kids more about these shapes is that it starts withdrawing them, bringing the toys which they usually learn through, and then the whole thing moves to the point where they start pointing to the real objects they come across in their daily life and start mentioning what shapes they appear in.

2D and 3D Shapes for Kids

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There are lots of lessons that the kids find interesting and when it comes to the ones related to guessing the shapes, it turns out to be interesting for them since they will take the challenge of guessing the shapes and waiting to know whether their guess is right or wrong (3D Shapes in Real Life for Toddlers…).

There are lots of interesting things in the steps taken in learning the shapes for kids, because in addition to knowing them in their drawn-on-paper form, they also reach the point where they get more introduced to the 2D and 3D shapes (2D and 3D Shapes for Kids), and that is exactly the point where they start getting more introduced to these different shapes in different ways.

In addition to knowing the different shapes and their names as well as differentiating between them, one of the lessons is knowing more about the properties of these shapes, how many sides, how many corners, etc. (3D Shapes for Kids).

At the beginning of this lesson – or game as we love to refer to it – start with showing the kids the different shapes, let them get introduced to them and their different properties and remember their names, and then let it all work on the other way around and show them these shapes one more time without the names and ask them what they are named – this is one of the useful ways because it will work on their memory and will help them get introduced to these different shapes at the same time (Shapes and Colors for Kids).

One of the good ways to teach the kids something but moving a little bit further with the lessons, parents and teachers could mix between teaching the kids about the different shapes surrounding them and at the same time teaching them about the different colors for example. This might be a little bit more difficult for the kid, but parents should never move to this stage until they have finished the first one and managed to learn more about its different details.

Always take it easy when it comes to teaching the kids something because they might at first find it difficult at the beginning of the journey, give them only two or three shapes, ask them about their names afterwards, add a couple of ones more and repeat the process, etc. this will make the whole thing much easier for the kids to learn the shapes, remember them and come to the point where they could learn other lessons like the colours for example.

Let your kids play a game and examine the level they have reached regarding the different shapes through guessing them, and here is a link which they could depend on to play the game through the different shapes brought here (2D and 3D Shapes for Kids).

Enjoy watching the video about the different shapes found out there with your kids, ask them some questions, and let us hear back from you and know your feedback, was it effective?

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