What does a Librarian Do? Interesting Job Descriptions for Kids

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Are you interesting in what a librarian does everyday or do you want to be a librarian when you grow up? This article is all about answering the question: what does a librarian do and how they help people when they visit libraries.

What does a librarian do?

  • Organise books in the library so they are easy to find
  • Suggest books and help people find books and other resources to help them
  • Ensure that everyone can access books, magazines, computers, and other resources at the library
  • Organise events such as reading groups or classes that help their community or students.
  • Help researchers who come to the library to learn about a specific topic
Librarian Job -what do they do?
schoolboys reading book in library

What does a librarian do in a public library?

A public library is on that doesn’t belong to a school or university, they are funded by the government and they are there for people from the public to use. That means anyone from the local area is welcome to use the library and they can borrow books, DVDS, or magazines using a library card. You can also use computers at the library and print things out if you don’t have a printer at home.

There are more than just books at the library, there are also classes and activities you can take part in like reading circles and classes to learn new crafts or skills. Librarians help organise these events too.

If you are in the UK you can find your local library here.

Girls looking at books in public library
Girls looking at books in public library

What does a librarian do in a school or university?

You may have been to the library at school and they have a librarian too. Their job is to help students find the books they are looking for so they can learn and enjoy reading. They also research books to find new ones to add to the library that help you learn more about what you learn in class. Librarians make sure that all the books are put back in the right place so that you can find them.

What does a librarian do to get their job?

If you want to become a librarian you will have to study a topic called ‘librarianship’ or ‘information studies’ at university when you are older. During your studies you will learn about the importance of sharing information and ensuring everyone can access and enjoy reading.

You will also learn the many different ways you can organise books and documents to make them easy to find and how to help people in the community with fun classes and activities.

This education will help you do a great job as a librarian and you can even learn how to take care of very rare books if you want to become a special collections librarian.

A special collections librarian helps conserve and document very rare and historically important books. These books aren’t the kind you borrow from the library so a special collections librarian has to organise ways for people to see these important books without them being damaged.

This job is similar to a museum conservator, read more about their job here.

This can be done by scanning the books to make a digital version that researchers can read and learn from. You may even have researchers coming into the library to have a look at these special books. Being a special collections librarian is a great choice if you love history too!

Close up of female librarian searching for book in library
Close up of female librarian searching for book in library catalogue cabinet, copy space

How to learn more about a librarian’s job

  • Ask your school or public librarian about their experience
  • Have a look at YouTube videos from libraries that tell you about what they do
  • Ask your parents for help researching more about what libraries do and why librarians are important.

Here is a video from children’s librarians talking about their job and how they got their job:

How to try out being your own librarian

If you have a collection of books or magazines at home you can try out being a librarian at home too. Why not organise your books in your own system and organise book activities for family and friends at your library?

You can organise your books by colour, size, or even in alphabetical order. You could organise a book club with your friends to talk about your favourite book you read recently.

Have you ever thought about a STEM job if so why not check out this article.

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