Sharks Facts for Kids – 5 Shocking Facts about Sharks

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Sharks don’t really need to wear eyeglasses you know why? Because they have a great eyesight! Let’s learn five shocking sharks facts for kids.

Sharks Facts for Kids Facts Number 1: Hammerhead Sharks

Just like their name suggests, Hammerhead sharks have a long flat shaped head, and what’s even weirder is that their eyes are on either end of their huge hammer shaped head! They can even see up and down at the same time! I think I’d get dizzy.

Sharks Facts for Kids

Sharks Facts for Kids Facts Number 2: Sharks and Dinosaurs

Sharks have been around for 420 million years! That’s right: sharks existed before dinosaurs.

Sharks are extremely efficient at what they do and have few natural predators, which is why they have survived for so long.

Sharks Facts for Kids Facts Number 3: Bones

Did you know sharks don’t have ANY bones? Yea, they are made of cartilage, the same stuff that makes our ears stick out and the tips of our noses hard but soft at the same time!

Sharks Facts for Kids
Grey shark swimming in blue waters

Sharks Facts for Kids Facts Number 4: Eyesight

Sharks have really good eyesight but they don’t always even use it! When hunting sharks put out electrical pulses that can detect fish around them so that even if the fish isn’t in their eyeline they can twist round and catch them!

Sharks Facts for Kids Facts Number 5: Skin

Don’t sharks look really smooth? Well actually if you ever felt their skin it would feel just like sandpaper! The feeling is caused by the little teeth-like structures on their skin that point towards their tails to reduce friction when swimming.

Sharks Facts for Kids LearningMole
Hammerhead shark swimming near corals

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about sharks as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic sea and ocean living organisms are, you can move on to learn about other animals and birds like: Coral Reefs, Fish, Jellyfish and Mollusks.

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