Fish Facts for Kids – 5 Famous Facts about Fish

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Let’s dive in the seas and oceans to see one of the amazing creatures on Earth! Come and check our five famous fish facts for kids.

Fish Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: There Are Lots of Undiscovered Fish in The Oceans

We know about over 30,000 species of fish but there are still lots more to be discovered, this is because of how deep the ocean is. There are parts of the ocean where no humans are able to go yet because it’s so deep. The fish from the deep ocean look very different as they are adapted to live in the dark. Some fish that live in the deep ocean create their own light called bioluminescence to attract prey because there is no light down there.

Fish Facts for Kid
Underwater photography of fish

Fish Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Fish Have an Organ that Helps Them Float 

Have you ever worn a rubber ring or arm bands in the pool to help you float? Fish have an organ in their body that works the same way. This organ is called their swim bladder and it holds air which helps the fish stay afloat even if they aren’t swimming. Sharks don’t have a swim bladder and that means that they have to swim all the time to stay floating, if they stopped swimming they would sink. This means they swim even when they are sleeping.

Fish Facts for Kids LearningMole
School of fish in body of water

Fish Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Fish Can’t Wink

Most fish can’t wink or blink because they don’t have eyelids, this means their eyes are always open. Even if they are sleeping. Fish don’t sleep in the same way most animals do as they never fully relax their brain. When fish are sleeping they relax and slow their breathing and moving but their brains are still active incase of danger. Sharks do have eyelids but they don’t close fully.

Fish Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Only some Kinds of Fish Can Live in both Fresh and Saltwater

Most fish only live in one type of water for their whole life and can’t live in any other type. For example, the Ocellaris clownfish lives in salt water and the Largemouth bass lives in freshwater. Some fish can live in both and some can even move from one to the other at different times in their life. Salmon are born in fresh water but live most of their life in salt water. When they grow old they come back to the saltwater where they lay eggs. Then new baby salmon are born in the freshwater.

Fish Facts for Kids
Fish Facts for Kids: Close-up photo of Ocellaris Clownfish

Fish Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Lungfish Are Fish that Can Breathe Air

Australian lungfish are very clever and have evolved to have a lung as well as gills for breathing. They can breathe underwater just like regular fish and they can breathe air like we do. The lungfish started breathing in this unusual way because of the climate they live in. In Australia it is very hot and the weather is sometimes dry for a very long time. During the dry season Lungfish bury themselves in wet mud and stick their heads out to breathe. They are able to stay there breathing air until the water comes back again.

Fish Facts for Kids LearningMole
Australian lungfish

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about fish as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these animals are, you can move on to learn about other animals like: Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Mammals and Reptiles.


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