Math Games for Kids- Bingo- KS1 & KS2


Bingo is the game that this video is teaching the kids to get educated in math through, it is the game that serves all the different operations of math; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and it is also the one game that suits all the different age groups. Teaching kids math through playing games have proved to be one of the successful methods that teachers use at school especially when it comes to those games that are challenging to some extent, just like Bingo. Bingo is a mathematical game that needs a number of children to play it – it could be done to one kid but would not be as challenging – and that is why we consider it best to either be followed at school or else at home but for more than one kid. The idea behind Bingo is to challenge the kids’ skills and knowledge of math by choosing six different numbers – you could also let the kids be the ones to choose them – and then start asking them mathematical questions that will either have the answer on the board or else will not. If the question you have asked is answered on the white board, the kids should shout “Bingo” and say what this answer is and the first one to say “Bingo” would actually be the winner. It is sometimes good to ask questions which their answers are not written to see whether the kids are giving their minds the chance to think first or are just shouting “Bingo” to be the winners.