Seasons Facts for Kids – 5 Super Facts about Seasons

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Seasons Facts for Kids: Do you prefer summer time when it is hot and you can go to the beach or winter time so you can a snow man by Christmas time? Let’s learn five super facts about different seasons.

Seasons Facts for Kids Fact number 1: The Seasons Are Caused by The Movement of The Earth Around The Sun

The Earth makes a journey around the sun every year that takes 365 days. How close we are to the sun and how the Earth is tilted towards or away from the sun affects the weather on Earth. The longest day of the year is the 21st of June, the Summer solstice. This is the day with the most sunlight and is the start of the summer season. The shortest day of the year takes place when we are farthest from the sun, the Winter solstice. This day has the least sunlight making the day very short with dark mornings and evenings. This is the coldest time of year.

Seasons Facts for Kids Fact number 2: Spring Is Associated with New Life

When spring comes after winter the weather starts to thaw and become warmer. Spring is when a lot of baby animals are born. Lambs are one of the animals most associated with spring as they are usually born between March and May. Farmers call this time ‘Lambing season’ as there are so many lambs born at this time. Farmers are very busy in spring. After the last frost of winter, farmers plant their new crops. This gives the crops enough time to develop so they can grow during the warmth of summer. Crops are then harvested in the Autumn.

Seasons Facts for Kids Fact number 3: The Seasons Are Reversed in The Southern Hemisphere

The Earth has two hemispheres, like two halves of a circle. In the Northern Hemisphere winter is cold and summer is hot. However, in the Southern Hemisphere in places like Australia the seasons are reversed. This means that in the Southern Hemisphere their winter is in June and during December they get hot weather. This is because they are on the opposite side of the world as it goes around the sun.

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Seasons Facts for Kids: The map of Australia

Seasons Facts for Kids Fact number 4: Some Animals Sleep Through Winter

The winter brings harsh cold weather that would be hard to live in for animals so they use a technique called hibernation to avoid the cold. Small animals such as dormice and squirrels are the kind of animals that usually hibernate however some larger animals hibernate too. Bears are the largest example of an animal that hibernates. When animals hibernate they become inactive a bit like sleeping in a safe spot until the weather starts to become warm again. They eat lots of food beforehand so they don’t need to eat while they hibernate through the winter.

Seasons Facts for Kids Fact number 5: Some Places in The World only Experience Two Seasons

There are a few places that don’t have the seasons of Spring and Autumn and only have Summer and Winter. These places are usually tropical climates which have a wet season and a dry season. During the wet season their weather is colder like winter and during their dry season they have very hot weather.

Seasons Facts for Kids
Loungers under parasol at shoreline showing an example of dry and hot summer

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about seasons as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic the seasons are, you can move on to learn about other climate and weather stuff like: Snow, Rain, Blizzards, Clouds and Rainbows.

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