Rain Facts for Kids – 5 Outstanding Facts about Rain

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Do you enjoy playing under the rain? Here are five outstanding rain facts for kids.

Rain Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Rain makes the air smell nice

When rain falls to the ground it creates a layer of water on the ground and on plants and grass. The ground and plants have a layer of dust and chemicals on them. The air that was on the plants and ground before the rain bubbles up like the bubbles in a fizzy drink.

When the bubble burst the air brings up the dust and chemicals that were on the ground with it. This creates an earthy smell which is very nice. This smell even has a name: it’s called petrichor. It is some people’s favourite smell ever. Next time it rains see if you can smell it.

Rain Facts for Kids
Daisy Flowers in Bloom during a Rainy Day

Rain Facts for Kids Fact number 2: Rain Dance

Native Americans in the Cherokee tribe take part in a ceremony to summon rain by dancing. They wear turquoise blue gemstones and dance to try and get it to rain so they can have a healthy harvest. They believe that the spirits of the old leaders of the tribe will return with the rain to protect them from evil spirits.

Rain Facts for Kids LearningMole
Rain Drops

Rain Facts for Kids Fact number 3: Raining Diamonds

Saturn’s weather is very different to ours on Earth. They have very high temperatures which mix with a gas called methane in the atmosphere. This creates diamonds in the air and because these diamonds are heavy they fall out of the sky like rain. What weird weather!

Rain Facts for Kids Fact number 4: The Game of Darts

Some believe that archers developed the game of darts because of bad weather on a rainy day. Archers under the rule of Henry VIII were practising their archery when it began to rain. They went inside and used a target to keep practising by throwing their arrows. This may just be a story but darts is still a fun game to play on a rainy day.

Rain Facts for Kids LearningMole
A Dartboard on the Wall with Colorful Darts

Rain Facts for Kids Fact number 5: Phantom Rain

Did you know it even rains in the desert? Even though they are very dry it still rains but sometimes it is so hot that the rain never hits the ground. This is a type of rain called phantom rain. This type of rain evaporates in the heat before it gets to the ground. It can happen in any very hot and dry climate which is why it is common in the desert. We can’t see this type of rain falling and instead we only see a special type of cloud. It is called a Virga Cloud which looks wispy and a bit like the cloud is melting towards the ground.

Rain Facts for Kids LearningMole
Green Bushes on Desert

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about rain as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these rain are, you can move on to learn about other climate and weather stuff like: Thunder, Thunderstorms, Thunder and Lightning, Rainbows, Lightning, Floods, Earth’s Atmosphere, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Blizzard, Wind and Tsunamis.

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