What is Thunder and Lightning?- Weather for Kids- KS2


Do your kids know what thunder and lightening is? Do they know that they should follow specific tips during lightening times in order to stay safe and protect themselves? We are going to educate them and let them know more about this weather condition through the information Aaron will share with James in this video. A lot of kids get frightened when they hear the sound of thunder and realize that there is lightning outside as well and they start asking their parents about what that is and why does it happen. Aaron was good enough at sharing some important information with James about thunder and lightning and told him all what he knows about this weather condition. The sound of thunder and lightning happens because of a thunderstorm which is produced by cumulonimbus clouds, this word is Latin and it is divided into two parts: cumulus which means pile and nimbus which means rain cloud. The cumulonimbus clouds usually produce gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail.