Pixar: Everything You Need to Know About Our All-time Favourite Movies

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Pixar movies are one of the best animation studios to introduce you to engaging characters along with fascinating stories. This company goes under the umbrella of Walt Disney movies and is known to have produced some of the best-animated films ever. Some of the most famous Pixar movies are Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Finding Nemo. 

Not only does it produce some of the most successful animated films ever, but it is also known for its unrivalled short films. If you take a close look, you will realise that movies that fall under the Pixar category are pretty different from Walt Disney’s classics. They don’t revolve around fairytale love stories or fighting a villain; they are more about life lessons, best friends, the value of family, and great adventures.

Pixar and Disney are intertwined for most of us, and while they actually are, there is a whole story before that. Before Disney bought Pixar and had it produce films under its umbrella, Pixar was owned by another company called Lucasfilm. George Lucas, the business owner, sold Pixar, which then collaborated with Disney on producing films. In 2006, Walt Disney bought Pixar, and they became a whole unit.

Pixar Movies for Kids
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Interesting Facts about Pixar’s Movies

Pixar’s movies have become a great asset to Disney ever since they started collaborating. Their resources combined have offered the world unforgettable movies that never get old. No matter how old Toy Story gets, it is still an all-time favourite for older and younger generations, along with a lot of other movies. 

Since our love for Pixar is undeniable, we would love to introduce you to some more exciting facts about these movies while we’re at it. The creation of such great films didn’t just happen overnight. 

The creators and producers spent long nights and even years to give us the final production in its perfect form. Here are some fun facts about Pixar to enjoy learning about. You will find some surprising things that you may have never expected to have happened.

Toy Story was the First Long Film

In 1995, the masterpiece that is Toy Story came out to the world. This movie was the very first full-length movie that Pixar produced under the umbrella of Disney. It has made a lot of films before that one, but they were all shorts. This movie was the beginning of the stardom of Pixar creatives.

Steve Jobs Was A Co-founder

Pixar used to be part of Lucasfilm before it started to become a corporation on its own in 1986. When the split took place, Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, funded the company, becoming the biggest shareholder. For that reason, Jobs became the CEO of the company and renamed it Pixar Animation Studios.

A Mistake Was About to Delete Toy Story 2 Forever

Mistakes and accidents happen in every workplace, but imagine one that could have deleted Toy Story 2 for good. The animators were still working on the production of the movie when the file of the film got accidentally selected among the files routinely cleared. Galyn Susman was the one to save the day. She worked remotely after giving birth to her newborn and had a backup copy of the entire film on her personal computer. We all owe Susman a lot! 

Finding Nemo Encouraged the Adoption of Clownfish

Nemo is a lovely little clownfish. The movie grossed great success among children and young adults alike when it came out. Everyone was so content, but do you know who wasn’t? The clownfish. This film encouraged people to adopt clownfish to have their own Nemos at home. Those people didn’t get the moral of the film, which clearly stated that we should leave fish in the ocean where they actually belong.

Pixar Used to Produce Commercials

Before adjoining Disney, Pixar used to make television commercials. Some of the well-known advertisements it produced were Trident Gum, Listerine Mouthwash, Lifesavers, and Volkswagen. So, back in 1989, Pixar’s top characters were gums and mouthwashes long before they became Woody and Buzz. We’re happy it developed into the animation studio that it is today. 

Pixar Changes Details According to Cultures

This is one fact we should actually owe to Disney and not only Pixar. Respecting different cultures make kids from every part of the world feel seen and heard. We can see this in one scene from Inside Out where the veggie that Riley’s dad was trying to feed her changed. In the original version, it was broccoli. However, in the Japanese version, it was green bell pepper since kids in Japan consider peppers gross but loved broccoli.

It Takes 4 to 7 Years to Finish a Pixar Movie

Animating and rendering a Pixar film takes around 2 to 3 years. However, since the creators pay attention to every little detail, they take the time to plot out the story, figure out the characters, and design the whole film. The minimum years taken to produce a movie can take up to 4 years. This explains that Toy Story’s latest sequels were released to a different generation. 

The Word “Pixar” is Spanish

Spanish verbs always end in either “ar” or “er.” Pix is the slang word for “pics,” which is a plural of the word “pictures.” So, adding the last two letters to the word Pix made it seem like a Spanish word that means making pictures. It perfectly describes the purpose of the company and has a nice sound that resonates with everyone.

Fun Fan Theories

Pixar’s films have always had a great impact on the childhood of many generations since the early 90s and until this very day. Their movies have the best storylines and introduce us to lovable characters that we cannot help but admire. 

One of the most brilliant things Pixar has offered its 90s generation is producing sequels to their favourite movies like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. This company managed to keep its fans of all ages throughout the years. 

All Movies Take Place in the Same Universe

If you are a true Pixar fan, chances are you have already noticed this fascinating fact. You can see characters or objects making an appearance in films other than their original ones. For example, you can see a Nemo doll lying on Boo’s floor. In the ending credits of Toy Story, the insect crew from A Bug’s Life are seen walking on a branch that Buzz accidentally smashed.

Boo is Abby From Turning Red

Abby Park is one of the most loved characters in Turning Red. Fans have found many signs that connect her to Boo, including their Asian heritage, how they loved fluffy things, and Abby’s love for the Red Panda resembles Boo’s love for Sulley. While this theory can be convincing, the director of the film has refuted it, but we loved to believe it was true anyway.

Emily is Andy’s Mother

In the melancholy song “When She Loved Me” in Toy Story 2, we get to see Emily, the former owner of cowgirl Jessie. It is said that Emily is Andy’s mother, given that the grownup woman has the same hair colour as the young girl. Also, the hat Andy wears looks the same as the one seen with young Emily. Jessie also said that Emily abandoned her a long time before she met Woody, making her old enough to be Andy’s mom.

Russel is an Angel 

This theory was a bit sad, yet it can still be deemed a happy ending for poor Carl. The theory professes that Russel was an angel, guiding Carl to his final destination in the afterlife. Yes, this means that Carl, too, died after Elie. The bright side is that he got to reunite with the love of his life, thanks to the little angel that is Russel, who never left his side.

Nemo Isn’t Real

This is another sad theory that has been circulating the internet for a long time, turning one of the most epic Pixar films into a rather sad one. It states that Nemo actually was never there and that none of the baby fish had survived. However, Merlin is too devastated by the loss of his wife and children, so Nemo is a result of his hallucinations to cope with the loneliness and sadness.

The ‘No Capes” Policy Saved the World

Remember how Edna had this policy of ‘no capes’ whenever she designed a suit for the heroes? She believed that all the superheroes who had capes had faced tragic destinies. Surprisingly, Edna Mode was the real hero that saved the world from the atrocities of Syndrome. Although she was the one to design the suit herself, she broke her rule and gave him a cape. Guess what happened? Syndrome’s cape got stuck into a jet turbine, and he lost the battle.

Onward Movie Happens in Andy’s Mind

There is this theory that proclaims that Onward is just imagination of Andy. We have seen that Andy grew up in a household where the father figure was missing. This gives us the feeling that the plot of Onwards fits perfectly what Andy is missing in his life. The plot of Onward revolves around two elf brothers who try to find an object that will try to bring their dead father back to life. It makes us question whether Andy’s father passed away or was Andy’s way of dealing with his absence.

Bing Bong Was A Monster

Not a monster in a bad way. We all know that Bing Bong is just too lovely and fluffy to be evil. But we mean that he belonged to the Monsters of the Monstropolis with Mike and Sulley. Bing Bong was always part of Riley’s memory because he used to be her monster when she was younger, but she thinks he was her imaginary friend. Monsters inc. turned into a company that makes children laugh and be happy. Maybe that is why Riley has a happy memory of Bing Bong that she never forgets.

The Old Lady in Ratatouille is Ego’s Mother

We believe that this theory could be the nearest to the truth than every other theory on this list. When Ego tasted the Ratatouille made by Remy, he was immediately taken back to his childhood days. During those scenes, we get to see that the house where Ego lived was exactly similar to the one where Remy stayed and learned to cook. It also makes sense that Remy got the same recipe from Ego’s very mother when he stayed at her house and watched her cook.

A List of All Pixar’s Movies and Short Films Throughout the Years

We gathered for you every possible film that Pixar has ever created in this long list of films with exhilarating stories and loveable characters. You should also give the short films a shot. Some of them will introduce you to fascinating ideas, others are side stories for some original movies. 

  1. Toy Story (1995)
  2. Toy Story 2 (1999)
  3. A Bug’s Life (1998)
  4. Monsters, Inc (2001)
  5. Finding Nemo (2003)
  6. The Incredibles (2004)
  7. Cars (2006)
  8. Inside Out (2015)
  9. Coco (2017)
  10. Finding Dory (2016)
  11. Up (2009)
  12. Wall-E (2008)
  13. Onward (2020)
  14. Incredibles 2 (2018)
  15. Soul (2020)
  16. Luca (2021)
  17. Ratatouille (2007)
  18. Monsters University (2013)
  19. Toy Story 3 (2010)
  20. Toy Story 4 (2019)
  21. Cars 2 (2011)
  22. Brave (2012)
  23. The Good Dinosaur (2015)
  24. Turning Red (2022)
  25. Cars 3 (2017)
  26. Lightyear (2022)

The rest of the list features Pixar shorts that were produced throughout the years. We are telling you, these films may be short, but the list is incredibly long and pretty enthralling as well. 

  1. André and Wally B. (1984)
  2. Luxo Jr. (1986)
  3. Piper (2016)
  4. Finding Dory: Marine Life Interviews (2016)
  5. Party Central (2013)
  6. Lava (2014)
  7. Knick Knack (1989)
  8. Geri’s Game (1997)
  9. Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (1999)
  10. For the Birds (2000)
  11. Mike’s New Car (2002)
  12. Boundin’ (2003)
  13. George and A.J. (2009)
  14. Day & Night (2010)
  15. Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation (2011)
  16. Toy Story Toons: Small Fry (2011)
  17. Boy on the Moon (2011)
  18. Lamp Life (2020)
  19. Red’s Dream (1987)
  20. La Luna (2011)
  21. Tin Toy (1988)
  22. One Man Band (2005)
  23. Mater and the Ghostlight (2006)
  24. Lifted (2006)
  25. Your Friend the Rat (2007)
  26. Presto (2008)
  27. Burn-E (2008)
  28. Partly Cloudy (2009)
  29. Dante’s Lunch (2017)
  30. Lou (2017)
  31. Miss Fritter’s Racing Skool (2017)
  32. Bao (2018)
  33. Auntie Edna (2018)
  34. Purl (2018)
  35. Kitbull (2019)
  36. Dug’s Special Mission (2009)
  37. Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex (2012)
  38. The Legend of Mor’du (2012)
  39. The Blue Umbrella (2013)
  40. Jack-Jack Attack (2005)
  41. Mr. Incredible and Pals (2005)
  42. Riley’s First Date? (2015)
  43. Sanjay’s Super Team (2015)
  44. 22 Vs. Earth (2021)
  45. Twenty Something (2021)
  46. Nona (2021)
  47. Ciao Alberto (2021)
  48. Toy Story of Terror! (2013)

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