Online Nursery: Teaching Examples for Early Years

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Having the children at home during a pivotal point in time when you are trying to work can be taxing and difficult. Learning how to have a work balance with young children on the go can be modified by operating an online nursery. An online nursery can be made through vital and educational content grabbed from sites online to entertain and educate your little ones while you go to work. An online nursery can be an effective tool for keeping your little ones amused while you deal with your work pile. Nursery and early years entertainment can be fun and educational. A multitude of online material makes learning from home accessible for those who need it.

Online Nursery: Number Games for Kids

During a child’s developmental stages, learning through play is an effective method in letting children explore and enjoy while gaining knowledge on a particular topic. Studying mathematics and its concepts can seem draining and, at times, very difficult, but there are ways of making this accessible to children as well. Learning to count can be made into a variety of number games that your child can enjoy while learning something new and useful. An online nursery can be used to facilitate the learning of numbers for children and for them to expand their knowledge of mathematical concepts and operations. Maths can be made fun through a series of games and activities. 

Depending on the age of your child and their ability depends on the type of activity you want to play with them. LearningMole offers a great opportunity for an online nursery through our YouTube channel watching number games. You can use things like play doh, or dice, or pen and paper. Depending on the needs of your child depends on the activity you can offer to them. You can do counting games if your child is just learning their first steps in maths. This could involve counting their Lego blocks or other toys that they have around the house. Even if you have them watching a short video, you could ask them to count the number of ducks they see. In our video, we have a child make two towers and then ask them why they’re uneven. Give them the opportunity to show you that they recognise that the larger tower has more pieces than the smaller ones, and from here you can get them to count it out. 

Another opportunity for a learning experience while doing something physical is getting toys split into different piles. Give your child a number and motion what number of toys you want in a particular pile. This gives them the opportunity to work out the amount themselves and improve their counting skills through a fun number game. Get them to count out each toy so they know they have reached the correct number. You can do it for each side and test to see if they are grasping the idea of numbers. This is a fun and effective tool to teach children numbers in a lighthearted way. This is one of many examples of how online nursery content can change learning outcomes.

Online Nursery: Learning the Alphabet

Literacy skills are incredibly important in the education of children and introducing them at early years is integral to their academic success and growth. Teaching children the alphabet is one of the first activities that will occur around literacy when learning English. An online nursery video is a perfect way of letting your children learn the alphabet in a fun and dynamic environment while learning an important language skill. Learning the order of the letters is important and it should be your first task. From here, you can teach them phonics. Phonics focuses on how letters should be pronounced and influences how children learn and speak words. Different words create different pronunciation patterns and phonics helps children recognise this at an early age.

Children can use the toys and objects around them as inspiration for their letters. For example, if you are teaching the letter ‘T’ you can show them a tree, or a toy, or a tent, or even a television. They can use their teddy bear as an example as well. There are plenty of ways to create a dynamic learning experience using visuals alone. Watching online nursery content can also take the pressure off the parent or guardian as children can watch carefully curated and crafted videos to learn the basics of the English language. Knowing the phonics sounds can be challenging which is why using the online nursery content that uses songs and rhymes is a great way of engaging your child with the fundamentals of the alphabet.

Online Nursery: Bedtime Stories for Kids

Settling children to bed for the night is a renowned task for its difficulty. Coaxing children to sleep can be something that people dread, but using online nursery content takes these issues away. Using an online nursery content to tell bedtime stories is a sure-fire way of engaging children to relax before going to sleep. Using storytelling is a perfect way to practice their phonics as well as giving them comprehension questions before bed. This mental stimulation will tire them out and allow you to have a relaxing evening.

The Gingerbread Man story is a nostalgic day that will grip your child but also allow them to ease to sleep after watching. It centres around the Gingerbread Man who was baked by an old woman. She is surprised to see him come to life as he leaves the oven. She chases after him as she has baked him as a treat for her tea, but she can’t catch him. He is chased by a variety of animals, from a cow to a horse, but eventually, he is caught out by a fox who manages to gobble him up. Encouraging your child to read along if they know the story is a great way of developing their vocabulary as well. Ask your child questions to ensure that they have fully grasped the narrative as well. Once you’ve done that, then you’ll be ready to deliver them to slumber.

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