Holi Facts for Kids – 5 Happy Facts about Holi

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What is your favourite colour? Let’s find five happy and colourful Holi facts for kids.

Holi Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Holi Lasts for 2 Days

Holi is celebrated over two days every year. There are two main events during Holi. The first being “Holika dahan”. On this day people celebrate by having bonfires in the neighbourhood. This represents the victory of good over evil. The morning after is called the “Rangwali Holi”, which translates to “the day of colour”. This is the main day of the festival.

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Holi Facts for Kids: Woman scattering powdered paint at a man

Holi Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Holi Is Celebrated all over The World

Although Holi is celebrated all over the world, the biggest Holi celebrations take place in India. Holi is famously celebrated in Mathura, which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the Hindu god of love and compassion. During Holi many people gather together at temples to celebrate together. There are also some religious gatherings during Holi. Holi is all about coming together and breaking down social barriers. Holi celebrates all people mixing together regardless of age, gender or wealth.

Holi is being celebrated properly if there isn’t fun and laughter. It is also a time to forgive and forget any wrongdoings that have occurred in the past.

Holi Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Holi Takes Place at The Beginning of Spring

The Holi festival takes place at the end of winter and the beginning of spring when nature is starting to bloom. Holi occurs at this time of the year to symbolise a new season and to also represent a new beginning for Hindus. Holi is a time for Hindus to enjoy the beginning of Spring’s beautiful and vibrant colours and say goodbye to winter’s dull and grey colours.

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Holi Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Even The Food During Holi Is Colourful

Holi is all about colour and this includes food. Food is always a huge part of festivals, with all the dancing and celebrations it is important to keep your energy up. Sweet treats are especially important. The most popular sweets in India during Holi are Gujiya, which is  a fried and sweetened pastry stuffed with dried fruits and nuts, Laddoos, which are ball-shaped sweets and Barf, which is a solid dessert made of condensed milk. Have you ever tried any of these sweet Indian treats? If so, what is your favourite?

Holi Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: People Used to Use Natural Sources of Colour

Before synthetic colouring became a thing, different sources for coloured powder were used. In ancient times, the colours used for the festival of Holi were always made from natural ingredients such as turmeric, marigold, beet, pomegranate, marigold, and other natural herbs and flowers. These natural ingredients give very vibrant colours of pinks, yellows and oranges. It is recommended that people use more natural ingredients as synthetic colouring can often contain harmful substances. Natural ingredients are more skin and environmentally friendly.

Holi Facts for Kids
Holi Facts for Kids: Person’s hand full of colored powder

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about Holi as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic the Holi is, you can move on to learn about religions festivals and rituals like: Obon, Day of The Dead, Songkran, Hajj and Diwali.

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