Hamsters Facts for Kids – 5 Happy Facts about Hamsters

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Hamsters are really cute! Do you like hamsters? Let’s discover five happy hamsters facts for kids.

Hamsters Facts for Kids Facts Number 1: Syria

Hamsters seem like they’ve been around forever but they were actually only found in the dessert around 100 years ago! Also, all the hamsters you have probably met are all descended from the same small group that was domesticated from Syria!

Hamsters Facts for Kids
Macro photo of cute hamster

Hamsters Facts for Kids Facts Number 2: Lazy Loners

Syrian hamsters are lazy loners! Well, they are only lazy during the day because they are nocturnal and like to run around at night, but they are also not big fans of living with other hamsters, they like their space!

Hamsters Facts for Kids Facts Number 3: Cheeks Full of Food

Hamsters are named after their love of hoarding! The word Hamster in German means to hoard, and hamsters were given the name because of their habit of stuffing their cheeks full of food!

Hamsters Facts for Kids Facts Number 4: Hamsters’ Teeth

Hamsters’ teeth are always growing, hamsters need something to chew on all the time because their teeth actually never stop growing! That must be annoying!

Hamsters Facts for Kids LearningMole
Close up photo of hamster

Hamsters Facts for Kids Facts Number 5: Stuffed Mouths

Hamsters like to hoard their food. They stuff their mouths full and then spit out and hide some of the food for later. Wouldn’t like to go to a hamsters for dinner!

Hamsters Facts for Kids LearningMole
Cute hamster enjoying tasty treat

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about hamsters as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these animals are, you can move on to learn about other animals like: Dogs, Foxes and Fish.

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