Dogs Facts for Kids – 5 Delightful Facts about Dogs

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Do you have a dog at home and would like to know more about dogs? Here are five delightful dogs facts for kids.

Dogs Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Dog’s Sense of Smelling

Dogs smell 40 times better than us but do you know all the ways this skill has been put to use? Some dogs are trained to find illegal things in people’s luggage in airports and others are even trained to smell medical problems! They can be trained to alert their own ears when they need more of their medicine!

Dogs Facts for Kids
An Italian greyhound sniffing flowers

Dogs Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Can Dogs Sing?!

If I asked you what sound a dog makes you would probably say they bark, right? Well, did you know some yodel? Basenji and husky dogs makes one crazy noises that have been described as screaming, whining and even yodelling.

Dogs Facts for Kids LearningMole
Woman sitting on a couch and petting her husky dog 

Dogs Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Royal Dogs

Dogs were loved by royalty! Not just the current queen and her corgis! Chinese Emperors used to keep Pekingese dogs up their sleeves and the ancient Egyptians used to keep Salukis as royal pets!

Dogs Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Australian Cattle Dog

Most dogs live to around the age of 15 but have you got any idea what age the oldest recorded dog was? Bluey, an Australian Cattle dog, got to 29 years and 5 months old! That’s almost double the expected life span!

Dogs Facts for Kids LearningMole
Australian Cattle Dog Lying on Grass

Dogs Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Dogs Thumbprints

Dogs have thumbprints in a really weird place! As humans we have unique patterns on our thumbs that aren’t the same as anyone else’s, dogs have the same but instead of thumbs this pattern is on their noses!

Dogs Facts for Kids LearningMole
Dog is sitting on ground

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about dogs as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these animals are, you can move on to learn about other animals and birds like: Octopuses, Seals, Weasels, Dolphins, Kangaroos, Reindeer, Leopards and Jaguars, Rabbits and Flamingos

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