Galaxies Facts for Kids – 5 Gorgeous Facts about Galaxies

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The Milky Way is one of millions and millions of the galaxies that exist in the universe! Let’s learn five gorgeous galaxies facts for kids.

Galaxies Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: The Milky Way

You probably know by now that the Earth is orbiting the Sun but did you know that while all of that is happening the sun is also orbiting the centre of our galaxy! The Milky Way! (Sounds Yummy!)

Galaxies Facts for Kids

Galaxies Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Solar Systems

A galaxy is a collection of solar systems – made up of stars and planets – as well as loads of other space stuff. All of this space stuff along with the solar system orbit around a huge source of gravity in the centre of the galaxy!

Galaxies Facts for Kids
Telescope photo of M33 galaxy

Galaxies Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Stars

The Milky Way – where we live – is thought to have around Three Hundred Billion Stars…and our Sun is only one of them!

Galaxies Facts for Kids

Galaxies Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Scientists

The Milky Way is a Spiral Galaxy – which is usually shaped like a few arms spiralling around the centre, the newer stars are usually on the ends of the arms. But scientists have discovered three other types of galaxies!

Galaxies Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Types of Galaxies

The three other types of galaxies are: Barred Spiral: This one is similar to the spiral galaxy but it has a long centre rather than a spherical one. Elliptical: This galaxy is a big cluster of stars in the shape of a big disc, and lastly the Irregular Galaxies: This category contains all the other that don’t fit into the other three categories, it is thought they are usually created from two galaxies merging!

Galaxies Facts for Kids LearningMole
Gray and black galaxy

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about galaxies as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic galaxies are, you can move on to learn about our space like: The Universe, Stars and Black Holes.

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