David Attenborough Facts for Kids – 5 Delightful Facts about David Attenborough

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Have you ever dreamed about having a plant named after you?! Well you have to be a very successful biologist and environmental activist like David Attenborough.

David Attenborough Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: David Attenborough Has Been Honoured with Many Awards

David Attenborough is a biologist and environmental activist who is known for his nature documentaries. His work has taught millions of people about the planet and how we can prevent climate change and help the environment. He has received two knighthoods from Queen Elizabeth, the first was given in 1985 and the second in 2020.

David Attenborough also has the most honorary degrees from universities in the UK. He has been given 32 honorary degrees for his work about nature and the environment.

David Attenborough Facts for Kids

David Attenborough Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: There Are Many Plants and Animals Named After David Attenborough

There are over 40 species of animals and plants that get their name from David Attenborough. A Madagascan dragonfly was named after him for his 90th birthday as a gift. There are all sorts of species’ that take their name from him including a frog, a snail, a dung beetle, and several lizards. There are even extinct animals which have been given his name including a fossilised fish species’ studied by him.  

David Attenborough Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: David Attenborough Is Only Afraid of One Type of Animal

David Attenborough has travelled all over the world to make his documentaries and has come in contact with all sorts of animals and insects. Even though he has encountered many animals people consider frightening such as snakes and spiders, he isn’t afraid of them. David Attenborough has said that he would rather interact with poisonous snakes and spiders than with rats. In his many travels David Attenborough has seen lots of rats and does not like them. He even said he would run away if he saw one. 

David Attenborough Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Monkeys Tried to Steal His Shoes During Filming One of His Documentaries

In one of David Attenborough’s first documentaries called ‘Life on Earth’ he was observing mountain gorillas and they came very close to him so he got to observe them. He was explaining how gorillas use their opposable thumbs and while he was talking two baby gorillas tried to steal his shoes. What a funny way of using their opposable thumbs.

David Attenborough Facts for Kids
A gorilla is sitting on a tree trunk

David Attenborough Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: When David Attenborough Started Making TV Programs He Didn’t Have a TV

David Attenborough has been making television programs about nature and the environment for over 65 years. When he first started being a part of television programs he did not own a TV like most people in Britain did. David Attenborough is still known for his love of physical letters over emails as he prefers not using too much technology. He would much rather be out in nature.

David Attenborough Facts for Kids LearningMole
Two people are watching TV

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about David Attenborough as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this person is, you can move on to learn about famous people like: Henry VIII and Barack Obama.

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