Henry VIII Facts for Kids – 5 Amazing Facts about Henry VIII

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What hobbies do you have? Amazing! Do you know what hobbies did Henry the eighth had? Let’s discover five amazing about Henry VIII for kids.

Henry VIII Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Henry The Eighth Wrote His Own Music

King Henry the eighth liked to have fun when he wasn’t performing his duties as king and one of his favourite hobbies was creating music. He wrote and performed his own songs for his court or at parties. He could play many instruments including the lute, the organ, the recorder, and the harp and he was known for his singing voice. His songs can be found in song books written at the time in the British Library in London.

Henry the eighth was also a keen dancer and many people who wrote about him at the time talked about his lively dancing at parties.

Henry VIII Facts for Kids
Henry VIII Facts for Kids: Music sheet on organ

Henry VIII Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: He Was Given a Funny Nickname Because of His Face on Coins

Henry the eighth fought many expensive wars during his reign so to save money he created the English currency from copper covered in silver instead of making pure silver coins. The only problem was that the silver would be rubbed off as the coins were passed around.

The first place the silver rubbed off was the nose of Henry the eighth whose face was on the coins. This made it look like he had an orange nose while the rest of his image was silver. So, he was given the nickname ‘Old Copper nose’

Henry VIII Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Henry The Eighth Was a Dog Person

King Henry loved dogs and treated his pets to very nice treats. His dogs were given silk coats and velvet collars to keep them warm in winter. He once gave the Holy Roman Emperor a gift of 400 trained dogs as a sign of their friendship.

Henry VIII Facts for Kids LearningMole
Henry VIII Facts for Kids: Two yellow Labrador Retriever puppies

Henry VIII Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Henry The Eighth Loved Tapestries

Tapestries are beautiful woven fabrics which were displayed on castle walls and told stories or showed interesting scenes. Henry the Eighth showed his wealth by having these tapestries created for his castles. These tapestries were created in Belgium and even a small tapestry could cost enough for a family to eat for a year. They were all handcrafted and Henry had lots of them, by the end of his reign Henry the Eighth owned over 2400 tapestries.

Henry VIII Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: King Henry The Eighth Wrote a Bestselling Book about The Catholic Church

Henry the eighth is the first King of England to write and publish a book, and it was very popular. It defended the Catholic religion and the pope gave Henry the eighth the title of ‘Defender of the Faith’ after he wrote it.

This is surprising as Henry the eighth was also the king who stopped Catholicism from being the religion of England later in his reign and created the Church of England as its alternative. Even after breaking from the Catholic church he never gave up his title ‘Defender of the Faith’.

Henry VIII Facts for Kids LearningMole
An opened old book

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about Henry VIII as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this person is, you can move on to learn about famous people like: Anne Acheson, Frank Pantridge, John Boyd Dunlop and Alexander Pope.

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